Elon Musk slams poop emoji '????' on Twitter CEO to blame anti-spam policy

Twitter announced on April 26, 2022 that it

had agreed to an acquisition offer by Elon Musk, but on May 13, 'Twitter has spam or fake accounts accounting for 5% of all users. It is reported that the acquisition transaction was temporarily put on hold because of 'is.' When Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal explained in response to Mr. Musk's tweet that criticized Twitter's anti-spam policy, Mr. Musk replied only the poop pictogram '????' to Mr. Agrawal's tweet. I expressed my dissatisfaction.

The origin of this is the following content tweeted by Mr. Musk on May 13, 2022. 'Twitter has announced that less than 5% of users have spam / fake accounts,' Musk quoted from Reuters in the United Kingdom. 'Twitter actually has 5% of users with spam / fake accounts. We are holding details to support the calculation that it is less than, 'he said. If there are actually about 5% of spam / fake accounts, it is expected that the acquisition price of Twitter will be reduced.

In response, Twitter CEO Agrawal responded with more than 10 tweets in a row on the spam issue.

Because spam is harmful to real users, Twitter detects and deals with spam as much as possible every day, suspending 500,000 accounts a day before users can see it, and authenticating to be human. The fact that millions of accounts that cannot be cleared are suspended each week ...

The estimate of '5% spam / fake accounts' explains that randomly sampled accounts are reviewed using IP addresses, registered phone numbers, geographic locations, and more.

In addition, Agrawal said that further details will not be open to the public because they are related to personal information, and we will discuss details with Mr. Musk regarding the estimation of spam accounts.

In response, Mr. Musk responded with only the poop emoji '????'.

In response to Agrawal's tweet, 'I can't disclose the details to the outside because it's related to personal information,' Musk said, 'Then, how advertisers are getting value for the fees they paid.' Can you find out? ', He accused the anti-spam policy.

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