Approximately 30,000 new Mastodon registrants increase after Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter

On April 26, 2022,

the day Elon Musk made the acquisition of Twitter, it was revealed that the microblogging service Mastodon had nearly 30,000 new users.

30,000 New Users Signed Up for Mastodon After Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Mastodon is the name of software provided by open source and social networking services built with that software. It is a short post format SNS like Twitter and has a function such as 'follow' of other users, but it is various SNS that users can belong to a 'server' that anyone can create and select their favorite community. It's a different point.

Mastodon is known as a 'decentralized' SNS that is different from the type of SNS operated by one company, and is attracting attention as an alternative to users who dislike major SNS managed for commercial purposes by one company. I've been.

It is reported that the number of users of Mastodon has increased sharply after Twitter agreed on an acquisition plan of about 5.6 trillion yen by Mr. Musk on April 26. According to Mastodon CEO Eugen Rochko, the number of active users increased by 41,287 in just 26 days, of which 28,391 were new users. At the time of writing the article, the total number of Mastodon users was 679,000. The rate of increase was so rapid that the Mastodon domain temporarily stopped responding.

CEO Rohoco said, 'Sorry, we couldn't address the issue immediately. A performance issue occurred on the Mastodon server due to the influx of new users and returnees after Twitter was acquired by Mr. Mask. I was working on it during the day. '

At the time of the acquisition of Twitter, Mr. Musk said, 'Twitter is a digital'city square'that discusses the agenda that is indispensable for the future of humankind.' By eliminating spambots and authenticating all human accounts, we would like to make Twitter better than ever, 'he said, revealing that he is considering reforming Twitter, but with this reform,' rather Concerns have been reported that users may be separated from Twitter. '

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