``0 second chicken ramen'' dedicated to eating as it is, I tried comparing it with normal chicken ramen

Among the people who love the world's first instant ramen,

``Chicken Ramen ,'' a new product, `` 0 Second Chicken Ramen ,'' will be released on April 4, 2022. It is said that this 0 second chicken ramen has a taste that specializes in how to eat it as it is, so I ate that change ahead of time and checked it.

'0 second chicken ramen' (released on April 4) | Nissin Food Group

So, this is 0 second chicken ramen. The package features a large drawing of Hiyoko-chan, the mascot character of Chicken Ramen.

0 Seconds Chicken Ramen is a chicken ramen with about 50% less salt, developed in response to the opinion of those who would like to eat it as is, ``If you just bite into it, it will be a little salty.'' Since it is only for eating as it is, it is stated in the package that ``it is not delicious if you rehydrate it in hot water and eat it''.

Since the base is chicken ramen to the last, it is a place to worry about 'What is changing?' So this time I will try to eat while comparing with normal chicken ramen.

Comparing the raw materials of 0-second chicken ramen (top) and normal chicken ramen (bottom), the difference is that 0-second chicken ramen is labeled ``sugar'' and normal chicken ramen is labeled ``sugar''. . Raw materials are

listed in descending order of weight ratio , but the positions of sugar in 0 second chicken ramen and sugar in normal chicken ramen are different, so the ratio seems to be different. In addition to the different positions of flavor seasonings, 0 second chicken ramen contains soy dietary fiber.

Regarding nutritional ingredients, 0 second chicken ramen has 362 kcal calories per 75 g meal and 2.2 g salt equivalent. The normal version has 377 kcal calories per 85 g, and the salt equivalent is 5.6 g. Since the content is different, if the 0 second chicken ramen side is converted to 85 g, the calorie is about 410 kcal and the salt equivalent is about 2.5 g. So, although the 0 second chicken ramen cuts salt content by 50% or more from the normal version, the calorie seems to be slightly higher.

There is also a way to eat to crush it to some extent before opening, but this time it is opened as it is. The shape is the same, but the 0 second chicken ramen (left side) is slightly lighter in color.

So, first of all, when I try to eat chicken ramen for 0 seconds, the fragrance peculiar to chicken ramen is perfect. The flavor of the soy sauce-based chicken soup and the unique crunchy texture of the ramen will give you the impression of eating chicken ramen in your head.

On the other hand, when you actually bite into the original chicken ramen and eat it, the soy sauce flavor and saltiness are quite strong, and the taste makes you want a drink. If you eat 0 seconds chicken ramen and then eat this one, you will feel that the taste is too strong. I made it.

When I was eating chicken ramen as it was, I had a feeling that 'Is this

a baby star ramen ...?' So I decided to actually eat baby star ramen. Compared to eating, baby star ramen has a more modest flavor of soy sauce and is easier to eat, and the noodles are disjointed, so the `` feeling of crunchiness '' is diluted. The 0-second chicken ramen is more satisfying even with a small amount, but the baby star ramen is addictive and makes me want to keep eating.

Nissin Foods ``0 Second Chicken Ramen'' will be released at retail stores nationwide on April 4, 2022 (Monday). The suggested retail price is 111 yen excluding tax.

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