Improvement of Japanese display and opt-in of push notification will be implemented in the preview version for developers of 'Android 13'

On March 17, 2022, Google released 'Preview Version 2 for Developers' of 'Android 13'. Improvements such as the addition of the concept of 'phrase' in Japanese display and the ability to opt in push notifications have been made.

Android Developers Blog: Android 13 Developer Preview 2

◆ Privacy related
Push notifications can be opt-in
Until now, Android has adopted an opt-out formula that push notifications for each app 'may display notifications by default'. However, there was a problem that unnecessary notifications missed the most important notifications, so we introduced a new runtime privilege called ' POST_NOTIFICATIONS ' and made it an opt -in expression that requests permission from the user side before displaying push notifications for the first time. Migrate.

For apps targeting Android 12 or earlier, the system will take care of the migration process for the above. We will continue to tweak this migration process, but we recommend that the app itself target Android 13 as it provides more context and control on the part of the user.

・ Downgrade of authority
In cases where permissions such as access to the camera and contact list have been granted, but this permission is no longer required due to the update, the previously granted permissions can be downgraded to consider user privacy. We have implemented a new API called '

revokeOwnPermissionsOnKill '.

-Improved security in exporting context-registered receivers
In Android 12, we made a specification change that ' android: exported ' must be explicitly declared in the broadcast receiver that uses the intent filter . In Android 13, we also added the flags ' RECEIVER_EXPORTED ' and ' RECEIVER_NOT_EXPORTED ' for receiver registration for sources other than the system, and added the same specifications for receivers registered in context.

◆ Productivity related for developers
-Addition of 'phrase' in Japanese display
Added an attribute called ' lineBreakWordStyle ' that allows you to wrap text with 'phrases' for Japanese display. When this function is used, the Japanese display will be split at the natural position as shown below.

-Improved upper and lower character display range for non-Latin characters
We have set the line height suitable for each character for problems such as 'part of the character is interrupted' that occurred with non-Latin characters used in Tamil, Burmese, Telugu, Tibetan, etc. Each app can enable this improvement simply by targeting Android 13, but be sure to test it as it can affect the UI.

・ Renewal of text conversion API
The process of 'converting phonetic characters to Chinese characters' used in Japanese input and Chinese input can now be skipped in the search. Until now, when searching using auto-complete, the flow was 'Enter a noun with hiragana-> convert hiragana to kanji with the keyboard-> search again with kanji-> get search results', but Android In 13, only 'Enter noun in hiragana-> Get search results' will be processed.

-Adoption of lightweight color vector font 'COLRv1'
Android 13 now supports rendering of the lightweight color vector font '

COLRv1 ' and changes the system emoji to COLRv1 format. It should work fine for most apps, but we recommend that you opt-in enable the app COLRv1 in preview version 2 for developers to test emoji rendering.

・ Implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy audio
We have implemented built-in support for the next-generation wireless audio ' Bluetooth Low Energy Audio' that replaces Bluetooth Classic. Bluetooth Low Energy audio is designed to receive Hi-Fi audio without sacrificing battery life, providing seamless switching of use cases not possible with traditional Bluetooth Classic.

◆ App compatibility related
We encourage developers to work early to release compatible updates on Android 13 Beta 1. To check how your app will be affected by the opt-in changes implemented in Android 13, we recommend testing with a compatibility test toggle added to the developer options.

Version 2 released this time is the final version as a developer preview, and the first beta version will appear in the next release.

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