Astronomer reports 'a mysterious object that emits enormous energy toward the earth'

An Australian research team has newly reported 'a mysterious object that emits enormous energy toward the earth at a pace of three times an hour'. The object in question, located about 4000 light-years from the solar system, had an unprecedented glow in the history of observation, and the research team commented that it was 'totally unexpected' and 'a little creepy.'

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'GLEAM-X J162759.5-523504.3 (GLEAM-X)' newly reported by Natasha Hurley-Walker of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Australia is 'at a pace of once every 18 minutes.' An object that emits enormous energy for about one minute. ' At the maximum energy, it reaches one of the brightest in all celestial bodies, but it becomes dark after about 1 minute and shines after 18 minutes.

The image movie of GLEAM-X created by ICRAR is as follows.

Repeating Transient Animation

Below is a schematic drawing of the blinking GLEAM-X on an astronomical map.

Repeating Transient Profile

Such a celestial body to repeat the blinking 'Transient ( sudden celestial bodies but are referred to as)', this time of GLEAM-X is that of the presence unprecedented among the sudden astronomical. Sudden celestial bodies are basically classified into two types: a supernova- like type that 'continues to increase energy over several days and then disappears over several months' and a pulsar- like type that 'blinks repeatedly in milliseconds'. Will be. This GLEAM-X blinks too early for the former and too late for the latter, so Harley-Walker says it's 'totally unexpected.'

Since GLEAM-X is about 4000 light-years away from the solar system, the series of blinking phenomena themselves occurred about 4000 years ago. The research team is a kind of slowly rotating neutron star whose existence was theoretically predicted because of its maximum energy brightness, its smaller size than the sun, and its emission of highly polarized radio waves. It is judged to be a 'super long period magnetar ' or a 'white dwarf with a super strong magnetic field'.

'For unknown reasons, this object converts magnetic energy into radio waves much more efficiently than previously observed objects,' Hurley-Walker said of the observations. He said that he plans to search for records corresponding to GLEAM-X from existing observation records in the future.

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