Apple warns that 'millions of people will be attacked by malware' while a bill to crack down on Apple and Google's monopoly is under consideration

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Big Tech such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have been sued for antitrust violations on suspicion that they 'monopolize the market and hinder the competition of healthy companies.' At the same time, a new antitrust bill is being considered in the United States as it is difficult to regulate under existing legislation, and Apple warns against this bill that 'it puts consumers at risk of privacy and security breaches.' ..

Apple says antitrust bills increase risk of iPhone security breaches

In the United States, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act are being considered as new legislation to regulate corporate monopoly. increase.

First, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act regulates 'a dominant platform that favors its products over those of rivals.' Amazon and Google have long been concerned about giving preferential treatment to their products on the platform, and the aim is to crack down on such practices.

It is pointed out that the top search results of Google are occupied by 'Websites owned by Google' --GIGAZINE

Pointed out that Amazon is displaying its own brand products in a more prominent position than other companies' products --GIGAZINE

The Open App Markets Act also cracks down on companies giving preferential treatment to their products on the platform, but with a particular focus on the 'app store.' Apple has been accused of limiting iOS app payments to Apple's official method and charging high fees. The new law will allow developers to choose between using in-app payments and other payment methods.

Since Apple sells apps from other companies on the App Store, it is believed to be strongly influenced by the above two laws, especially the Open App Markets Act.

For example, the bill could require Apple to ' enable sideloading of apps.' In response, Apple's senior director of foreign affairs, Timothy Powderly, said the ability to sideload would open the door for developers to ignore Apple's privacy policy and be attacked by scammers. .. 'If Apple was forced to enable sideloading, millions of Americans would be subject to malware attacks that would have been stopped,' Powderly told the US Senate Judiciary Committee. It was spelled out in the letter.

Meanwhile, Senator Amy Klobuchar said, 'This bill doesn't force Apple to'install unscreened apps on Apple devices.'' All Apple claims about sideloading are '. It's an attempt by Apple to maintain its app store monopoly in order to charge huge fees from its competitors. ”Let's be clear. This trillion-dollar company is competing. By enabling it, it has the ability to protect privacy and security while offering more choices to consumers. The law is a strong provision for all platforms to protect user privacy and security. Is included. '

Google's Chief Legal Officer, Kent Walker, also points out that the new law compromises consumer security and privacy. Walker also mentioned the risk of 'disadvantageous American innovation and threatening national security.'

The harmful consequences of Congress's anti-tech bills

Meanwhile, for The American Innovation and Choice Online Act, dozens of companies such as DuckDuckGo, Proton Technologies, and Yelp have signed letters in support of the bill.

RE: S. 2992, The American Innovation and Choice Online Act | by We Support Senate Bill 2992 | Jan, 2022 | Medium

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