Epic Games, Spotify and others form a coalition to fight Apple, countering the App Store fee problem


Derek Gates

In Apple's App Store, many companies have collected 30% of their sales as a commission. Companies such as Epic Games and Spotify have strongly blamed Apple for this high fee, and the dispute between Epic Games and Apple has evolved into a court case . Meanwhile, a coalition ' Coalition for App Fairness ' was formed by several companies including Epic Games and Spotify to compete with Apple.

Join Us --Coalition for App Fairness

Developers form coalition to press for app store changes

Coalition for App Fairness includes Epic Games and Spotify, Basecamp , which develops the mail service 'HEY' that is about to be removed from the App Store because it does not implement in-app purchase , and Apple's ' logo is very similar. to have , 'said the logo trademark registration to protest the recipe provides services of Prepear such, was formed by 13 companies in the article was created.

When you visit the Coalition for App Fairness website , the top page says, 'Every day, Apple imposes taxes on consumers and kills innovation. Coalition for App Fairness is the freedom and fairness of choice throughout the app ecosystem. It's an independent non-profit organization founded by industry-leading companies to advocate for innovation, 'which clarifies the coalition's stance of countering Apple's fees.

In addition, the Coalition for App Fairness cited three issues in Apple's App Store: '

high fees, ' ' anti-competitive and monopoly policies, ' and ' restricting consumer freedom. ' Above, Apple points out that it earns about $ 15 billion annually from commissions.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said of the Coalition for App Fairness, 'This coalition aims to protect developers' basic freedom'from Apple attacks. In order to protect the basic rights of creators who develop and deal directly with users, we are joining a coalition for app fairness. '

'As executives and regulators around the world investigate Apple's anti-competitive behavior, our coalition makes consumer choices,' said Oracio Gutierrez, Spotify's Chief Legal Officer (CLO). We speak for app and game developers to protect and create a fair competition for everyone. '

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