The break-even point of Google Play's distribution fee, which was 30% for many years, is only 6%, and the figure of 30% is also reported in the trial as 'Apple's Maru Pakuri'

In a trial in which the Attorney General of 37 states and special wards of the United States sued Google that 'Google Play is taking too much commission,' the break-even point of commission, which was 30% so far, is 6%. It turns out that the 30% figure was just a follow-up to Apple.

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On July 7, 2021, the Attorney General of 36 states in the United States and the District of Columbia (Washington DC) said, 'We have effectively limited the distribution of Android apps to Google Play and collected fees from app developers. It is a violation of the Antimonopoly Act. ' In the proceedings, the 30% fee that Google collected on Google Play was accused of being overpriced.

'Google Play Store Takes Too Much Fees' Proceeded by 36 States and Washington, DC-GIGAZINE

In a trial opened in Oakland, California on August 28, 2021, Google earned $ 11.2 billion in revenue from Google Play throughout 2019 and gross profit of 8.5 billion. It was revealed that the dollar (about 933 billion yen), the operating profit was 7 billion dollars (about 76.8 billion yen), and the operating profit margin reached over 62%.

This sales are generated from the sales of the app itself on Google Play, in-app purchases, and fees for app store advertisements. According to Google's internal document quoted in the complaint, Google Play has been charged a fee of '30%' for a long time, but the actual break-even point is 'about 6%', and the figure of 30% is also ' There is no reason other than a copy of Apple. '

In September 2020, Google mandated the use of Google's payment system for apps distributed on Google Play. In this case as well, the amount of fees charged by Google and the policy of not allowing other payment systems are issues.

It is essential to use Google's payment system for apps distributed on Google Play --GIGAZINE

In addition, Apple announced that it will change the fee for the portion of Google Play revenue that does not exceed 1 million dollars (about 109 million yen) from 30% to 15%, but Apple also announced that the fee of the App Store Just four months after the announcement that it will reduce the price from 30% to 15%.

Google announces that it will cut Play Store fees in half, unlike Apple, there will be no increase even if revenue increases-GIGAZINE

Google responded that it was 'used to mislead our business in a futile proceeding' regarding specific figures such as revenue. Regarding fees and antitrust allegations, 'We have long had programs to help developers with a wealth of resources and investment. These programs are a sign of healthy competition between operating systems and app stores. Yes, it benefits developers. '

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