Google Play subscription fee reduced to 15% overall, ebook / music related reduced to 10%

Google has announced that it will reduce its subscription service fees to 15% overall, following the

March 2021 price cuts, in response to the scrutiny of app store fees being too high. bottom. Above all, the price of e-books and music-related services will be reduced to 10%, which is even lower.

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The app store fee for both 'Google Play' and 'App Store' was 30% in the first year and 15% in the second and subsequent years, but developers complained. .. In August 2020, Epic Games, the developer of 'Fortnite', filed a complaint against Apple, and Apple decided to reduce fees in November 2020.

Apple launches a program to reduce the App Store's 30% commission to 15%, what are the requirements? --GIGAZINE

Google followed suit in March 2021 and reduced commissions to 15% from the first year for less than $ 1 million in annual revenue.

Google announces that it will cut Play Store fees in half, unlike Apple, there will be no increase even if revenue increases-GIGAZINE

This price reduction is for subscription services that were separate from this, and like paid apps, the fee system was 30% in the first year and 15% after the second year, but from the first day 15 It will be reduced to%. According to Google, 99% of the developers can benefit from this, and developers have already received positive reactions.

It also announced that it will reduce fees to 10% for ebooks and on-demand music streaming services to encourage the growth of the Android platform by building a high-quality cross-device experience that goes beyond smartphones.

Details such as conditions and requirements can be found on the 'Google Play Media Experience Program' page below.

Google Play Media Experience Program | Google Play Console

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