Why can't I play 'Ultra HD Blu-ray' on my PC anymore?

In addition to DVDs and Blu-rays, video software released in recent years is increasingly being sold in the format of

'Ultra HD Blu-ray' that supports 4K playback. A compatible optical drive and chip are required to play this Ultra HD Blu-ray on a PC, but CPUs after Intel's 11th generation Core processor 'Rocket Lake-S' that appeared in March 2021 The topic is that Ultra HD Blu-ray cannot be played.

New Intel chips won't play Blu-ray disks due to SGX deprecation

The problem that Ultra HD Blu-ray cannot be played on a CPU equipped with an Intel CPU is the data protection technology ' Intel Software Guard Extensions' adopted by Intel since the 6th generation Intel Core processor 'Skylake ' released in 2015 (Intel Software Guard Extensions) Intel SGX) 'is involved. This Intel SGX is also used for playing DRM- protected Ultra HD Blu-ray. For example, to play Ultra HD Blu-ray with the optical drive ' BDR-S13JBK ' that appeared from Pioneer in 2021, Intel It has been treated as an indispensable technology for playing Ultra HD Blu-ray on a PC, such as the need for an SGX-compatible CPU and motherboard.

However, in the Rocket Lake-S

spec sheet , Intel SGX is listed in the non-recommended technology column, and it will continue to be treated as a non-recommended technology in the 12th generation Core processor 'Alder Lake' announced in October 2021. rice field.

Due to the deprecation of Intel SGX, it is no longer possible to play DRM-protected Ultra HD Blu-ray on a PC equipped with the CPU.

The FAQ page of CyberLink, which develops media playback software such as 'PowerDVD ', describes this problem as 'The SGX function has been removed and it is no longer compatible with the latest Windows OS and drivers, so it uses the latest CPU and Windows platform. We have decided that it is impossible to play Ultra HD Blu-ray. '

According to Bleeping Computer, which reported this problem, Intel SGX has many vulnerabilities and has been used for many attacks. Bleeping Computer said, 'Intel has a security benefit by not supporting Intel SGX. Given that most users don't care about playing Blu-ray on their PC, Intel makes the decision. It must have been easy. ' On the other hand, Bleeping Computer said, 'Blu-ray discs can serve 4K content without an internet connection. Also, unlike streaming, the quality is stable. Whether or not the movie will disappear from the streaming service, or in the future. Physical discs make content permanently available, regardless of whether the user's rights change, and finally, not a few people enjoy the 'ritual' of putting discs in their drives. 'I'm sorry,' he said, leaving a comment that he is worried about the current situation where he cannot enjoy Ultra HD Blu-ray on a PC equipped with the latest Intel CPU.

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