Code that makes it possible to download HD video from Netflix, Amazon, Disney + leaked to GitHub

A user has published a code on GitHub that bypasses

Widevine , one of the DRM (Digital Rights Management) tools that controls access to digital content, which is also used by major streaming services.

widevinedump · GitHub

'Widevine Dump ': Leaked Code Downloads HD Video from Disney +, Amazon, and Netflix * TorrentFreak

The user 'widevine dump' has released 'WV-AMZN-4K-RIPPER' 'Netflix-4K-Script' 'Lenovo TB-X505X-L1-KEY' 'DISNEY-4K-SCRIPT' 'APPLE-TV-4K-' As the name suggests, you can download Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney +, etc. with 'Downloader'.

This content does not include the decryption module (CDM) required when playing protected content, and it is necessary to contact by e-mail separately if necessary.

According to sources contacted by news site TorrentFreak, the code is relatively old and 'may not be secure', but CDM actually worked.

The code is expected to be removed from GitHub within a few days as it is a 'avoidance of technical safeguards' under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and leaked widevidedump said so. increase.

Regarding this matter, TorrentFreak points out the seriousness of the code leak, saying, 'Once something leaks on the net, it's not going back to the water basin.'

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