GitHub removes YouTube video downloader repository, based on request from music industry group

The code related to the YouTube video downloader 'YouTube-DL' published on GitHub has been deleted in response to a deletion request from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA claims that the code is used to download copyrighted content and violates the circumvention prohibition provisions of the

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) .

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RIAA Takes Down Popular Open Source YouTube-DL Software * TorrentFreak

'YouTube-DL' is used by multiple ripping sites that download videos from YouTube and other video distribution sites.

Of course, it is also used when downloading public domain content, but since it is reported that many users are using it to download copyrighted content, the RIAA said 'YouTube'. -Requested removal of 'DL' and its derivatives. GitHub quickly responded to the request from the RIAA and deleted the repository.

The RIAA aims to circumvent the technical safeguards of licensed streaming services such as YouTube, and to copy and distribute MVs and music tracks owned by copyright holders without permission. Claims to be.

Although few US courts have made specific legal decisions regarding streaming ripping, the RIAA said in a district court in Hamburg that 'YouTube'rolling code'is effective under EU law. It is said that it has been judged that it is a technical protection measure.

The news site TorrentFreak contacted the developer of 'YouTube-DL' and asked for comments, but the developers are planning to refrain from commenting for now.

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