Toyota's 'key fob remote start charge' was an effect of unintended specifications

Toyota had no intention of 'monthly system' in the case that the 'remote start' function that can start the engine without getting in the vehicle using the key fob (remote key) was incorporated in the monthly service. I found out that it explains.

Toyota'Reviewing' Key Fob Remote Start Subscription Plan After Massive Blowback

It seems that it was decided from at least around 2018 that remote start using key fob is eligible for subscription, but since there was a free period of 3 years, the owner of the target is not aware of it at all. It was. This became clear in December 2021 due to the influence of marketing materials discovered by users of the bulletin board site Reddit, and the automobile-related news site The Drive contacted a Toyota spokesperson. We have confirmed that it is true that the key fob remote start is a subscription service.

Toyota's 'remote start function using key fob' turned out to be part of the subscription and was discussed among overseas users --GIGAZINE

Initially, Toyota refused to answer the details, but it turned out that it once again explained to The Drive that 'there was no intention to charge for the feature.'

According to Toyota, methods utilizing remote start 'via Concerning Copyrights,' 'such as Alexa Konekutiddo need to pass there are three through Service' 'via key fob', both the vehicle data communication module (DCM) And that.

DCM has a built-in mechanism to check if a user has a valid subscription contract, but there are two choices for remote start, 'valid' or 'invalid', and Toyota Was intended to 'pay for remote start from the app', but as a result, remote start via key fob was also included in the charge target.

In the first place, the key fob does not have an independent 'remote start' button, and it seems that it is like a 'tricks' that you can remotely start by pressing the lock button three times.

Toyota will consider whether remote start using key fob can be separated from the DCM system. However, it is completely unknown whether it will be realized.

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