Meta / Facebook selected as 'worst company in 2021'

'Yahoo! Finance' operated by Yahoo! in the United States is planning to select 'the company of 2021' based on market performance and other achievements, and Meta (formerly the worst company of 2021) was voted by 1541 readers. Facebook) has been selected.

Meta / Facebook is the worst company of the year: Yahoo Finance readers

Shocking no one, Facebook / Meta earns title of the worst company of the year ―― 9to5Mac

According to Yahoo! Finance, 8% of the 1541 readers who participated in the poll chose Meta as the worst company in 2021. In addition to Alibaba and is a Chinese e-commerce giant, 2021 January GameStop turmoil to implement the transaction limit of the stock inthe total Scandic Robinhood was hit by, Tesla production system in the product expansion is not at all caught up, to investors It seems that the names of electric truck makers such as Nikola, who were accused of giving false explanations, were also mentioned.

Facebook announced in October 2021 that it will change its name from Facebook to 'Meta' in order to develop a platform for 'Metaverse,' a new form of network that interacts using VR and AR.

Facebook announces that company name will be changed to 'Meta' --GIGAZINE

Behind the scenes, however, criticism was concentrated on internal documents showing that Instagram under Meta had perceived it as harmful to teenagers. In addition, Congress is undertaking an investigation .

Summary of major problems written in Facebook's internal document 'Facebook Papers' leaked by whistleblower --GIGAZINE

According to Yahoo! Finance, about 30% of the readers who participated in the survey answered that 'Meta can be redeemed.' Readers said, 'Meta should admit and apologize for what it did and donate most of its profits to the Foundation.' I need to let you do it. '

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