'Super Jelly' was born, a material that is 80% water but instantly completely revived even if it is hit by a car

A research team at the University of Cambridge, England, has developed a 'super jelly ' that instantly returns to its original shape when 80% is hit by a car despite the water. This super jelly is expected to be used as a substitute for knee cartilage.

Highly compressible glass-like supramolecular polymer networks | Nature Materials


'Super jelly' can survive being run over by a car | University of Cambridge

'Super jelly' that can survive being run over by a car could replace cartilage in worn-out knees

Below is a movie that actually demonstrates the performance of Super Jelly.

'Super jelly' can survive being run over by a car --YouTube

The white object that looks like a hanpen is super jelly.

Put this super jelly between copper plates so that it doesn't move ...

Pull with a 1200 kg vehicle. According to the research team, Super Jelly is 'no problem even if it is stepped on by an elephant in calculation', but in the movie 'I am using a car because I could not get an elephant'.

The number of hits is not once, but the car is moved back and forth and hit again and again.

When you lift the copper plate after the experiment ...

There is a super jelly that looks the same as before the experiment.

Super jelly is a hydrogel that shows extremely high strength like ultra-hard shatterproof glass that is not crushed and deformed even when pressure is applied. Hydrogel is a popular material for research because it has toughness and immediate recovery, but it basically has a soft texture. It was difficult to give high strength to pressure, but Zehuan Huang and colleagues at the University of Cambridge used a cross-linking agent called cucurbituril to combine two contradictory properties of elasticity and compressibility. Realizes a hydrogel that has. Hydrogel with a water content of 80% has succeeded in maintaining its shape even when stepped on by an elephant, where it normally bursts like a balloon when pressure is applied.

Not only is super jelly promising in the research field 'soft robotics' dealing with soft robots, but it is also expected to be a substitute for cartilage.

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