Research results show that the antibody increased 'up to 76 times' when booster vaccination was performed with 'alternate vaccination' of different new corona vaccines.

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booster vaccination at the time of the, of the vaccine at the time of the seeker reservation Announced that it will be possible to choose the type, and announced a policy to allow 'alternate vaccination' using a vaccine different from the first vaccine. Meanwhile, a study that analyzed the effects of booster vaccination with a total of nine combinations showed that 'different vaccine combinations are as effective as or better than booster vaccinations of the same vaccine, and side reactions do not change.' It was confirmed that.

Heterologous SARS-CoV-2 Booster Vaccinations – Preliminary Report | medRxiv

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In the United States, three types of vaccines are used: the Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccines , which are given in two doses, and the Johnson & Johnson (Jansen) viral vector vaccine, which is given in one dose. All of these vaccines have been confirmed to be highly effective by inoculating the prescribed number of times, but inoculation is given due to the spread of infection with the highly infectious new coronavirus Delta strain. There is also a 'booster inoculation' in which additional vaccines are given to those who have completed the procedure.

Therefore, a research team from Baylor College of Medicine in the United States is conducting a study to verify the effects and side reactions of alternating vaccinations in 458 subjects aged 18 years or older who are scheduled to be vaccinated at various medical institutions in Japan. I did it. In this study, the subjects were first divided into three groups of about 150 subjects, and each group was given the Moderna Pfizer Janssen vaccine a given number of times.

After that, the group of 150 people was further divided into 3 groups of about 50 people, and each of them was given a booster dose of Moderna Pfizer Janssen. In other words, booster inoculation was performed in a total of 9 combinations.

Then, when the research team investigated the amount of bound antibody of the subjects 'on the day of booster inoculation (before the effect of booster inoculation)', '15 days after booster inoculation' and '29 days after booster inoculation', the bound antibody was at least 4.6 times higher. It was confirmed that the increase was up to 56 times. A binding antibody is an antibody that binds to a pathogen such as a virus and induces immunity. In addition, the number of neutralizing antibodies that directly eliminate the virus increased by 6.2 to 76 times.

The specific results are as follows. Upper A ~ C are binding antibody, the lower the D ~ F at a titer of the graph of neutralizing antibodies, 'in the graph of each stage Moderna left

mRNA-1273 ', Janssen ' Ad26.COV2.S ' The results of booster vaccination with Pfizer and BioNTech's ' BNT162b2' vaccine are shown. The neutralizing antibody that neutralizes the virus increased the titer by 4.2 to 20 times when the same vaccine was used for the first vaccination and the booster vaccination, whereas the above-mentioned alternate vaccination with different vaccines for the first vaccination and the booster vaccination The street titer has increased 6.2 to 76 times.

Overall, booster vaccination was found to increase antibodies regardless of vaccine type and alternate vaccination, but especially those who were boosted with the modelna vaccine were of the first vaccinated vaccine. The highest titer of neutralizing antibody was obtained regardless of the type. On the other hand, the person who was first vaccinated with Janssen's vaccine had the lowest neutralizing antibody titer on the day of booster vaccination, and the neutralizing antibody titer 15 days after booster vaccination was also Janssen's vaccine twice. Those who were the ones with the lowest rate of increase.

According to the research team, all groups except the group that was both Janssen's vaccines had sufficient neutralizing antibody titers to achieve about 90% efficacy of the vaccine. The types and extent of side reactions were similar to those previously reported for each vaccine, with many being mild side reactions.

The results of this research are positioned as a preliminary report, and the paper is a preprinted paper that has not yet passed peer review. The research team also acknowledged in the paper that the study had limitations such as a small sample size and insufficient randomization of subjects.

On top of that, the research team said about the research results obtained this time, 'Booster inoculation with any of the three vaccines approved for use in the United States can generate a history reaction in which the antibody increases rapidly. This means that booster vaccination with the same type of vaccine will result in a broader immunogenic response, and booster vaccination with different vaccines will result in even greater or better effects, including side reactions. Adverse events were similar among all groups, suggesting that if any vaccine is approved for booster vaccination, an immune response will be obtained regardless of the type of vaccine originally given. I have. '

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