Efforts to fuel space debris in space

As a countermeasure against garbage and space debris floating in outer space, development of recovery satellites and suppression of the generation of space debris are

considered, but one of them is space debris as a 'space gas station' as a method of creating a market. The idea of using it as fuel for the space debris has emerged.

Ion thruster for space travel being developed in Adelaide --The Science Show --ABC Radio National

'Gas station in space': new plan to make rocket fuel from junk in Earth's orbit | Space | The Guardian

Australia-based Neuman Space is working on a mechanism called the 'Space Electric Propulsion System.'

Is it realize the system is a Japanese venture Astro scale and space debris capture technology by, the United States of venture nano-Lux (Nanoracks) debris storage and cutting techniques by robotics, Shisuruna (Cislunar) dissolved space debris by It is a 'space debris' that makes metal rods.

By using the metal rods made as fuel and ionizing the metal, the space electric propulsion system creates thrust to move an object in orbit.

When asked to be part of an ecosystem for processing space debris, Neuman Space CEO Elbe Astier initially said it was too futuristic and 'not as easy as it looks.' He said he thought. However, it seems that it was possible to make a prototype because of the subsidy from NASA.

'Many people think about processing space debris by plunging it into the atmosphere and burning it, but if you can capture and reuse debris, it makes sense from a business perspective. A gas station in space. It's like making it. '

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