'OtterTune', a service that automatically tunes the database

There are hundreds of configurable items in modern databases, and it's not uncommon to set all of them properly to get the best performance. 'OtterTune ' is a service that automatically performs tuning that is difficult for such humans by grasping the database usage status.

OtterTune --Database optimization. On autopilot. | OtterTune.com


No special software installation or code changes are required when using OtterTune, just connect OtterTune to the database and choose what you want to aim for. Goals can be set, for example, query performance and cost. When the connection is completed, it will automatically start reading the settings and statistics at the time of connection. At this time, you do not need to give access to such information because you do not need any information about the contents of the database such as table information and queries.

Based on the read data, the power of machine learning is used to create a new configuration file and update the database settings. By repeating this, the database will be gradually tuned.

With a monitoring function, you can see how performance is changing in real time. For example, in the figure below, the number of transactions per second for a database with tuning setting on is displayed in blue, and the number of transactions for a database with tuning setting off is displayed in green. You can see that it is increasing.

At the time of writing the article, it is compatible with AWS and on-premises installation, and there are three supported databases: 'MySQL', 'PostgreSQL', and 'Oracle Database'.

Although OtterTune is free to use, the free plan limits the number of databases to one, the AWS Availability Zone (AZ) available is limited, and only those with tunable settings are the main ones. It's a sloppy plan, so it's just a trial plan. By subscribing to a monthly plan of $ 450 (about 50,000 yen), you can limit the number of databases to 5, and you can use OtterTune without AZ limit or tunable setting limit, and Amazon RDS In addition, it will be possible to tune Amazon Aurora. If you want to use it on-premises, you need to apply for an enterprise plan.

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