A cat expert answers the question, 'What should I do when I leave my cat and leave my house for a long time?'

People who have pets may wonder, 'Is it okay to stay away from my pet?' When I leave home for a long time, such as when traveling. Michael Delgado, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, answers the question, 'How long does it take to stay away from the cat?' And 'What should I do when I stay away from the cat for a long time?' I am.

How long can I leave my cat alone? Cat experts reveal a surprising answer


Unlike dogs, which are relatively friendly, cats tend to be more unfriendly to humans. However, Delgado said, 'Cats want love as well as dogs,' and recommends 'don't leave cats for more than 24 hours.'

'Some owners keep food for the number of days they leave the house when they leave the house, such as when traveling, but this can endanger cats,' said Delgado. Delgado does not recommend this method because of the risk of eating too much food or knocking down the water dish due to the stress of having one cat.

It's also important to understand the emotions of cats, Delgado said. Due to the stress of the owner's long absence, cats may show symptoms such as loss of appetite and diarrhea. Please be sure to get it. ' Even if your pet cat is shy, Delgado suggests hire a pet sitter without hesitation, as minimal processing such as feeding and cleaning the toilet is sufficient.

Even if you hire a pet sitter, the moment when the cat is left alone will come. For those times, Delgado said, 'You can enrich your cat's time by preparing food puzzles that are gimmicks, toys, and music composed for cats.' Stated. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from cleaning bedding before traveling in order to retain the 'owner's scent' that is comfortable for cats.

'You shouldn't leave your house for as long as possible, but if you really have to, it's ideal to have someone to take care of your cat instead of your owner,' said Delgado. He emphasized the importance of meeting the needs of cats.

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