What is the behavior of 10 dogs that the owner tends to misunderstand?

It is difficult for people to understand the intention of the dog's culture and behavior. For this reason, often the owner misses that the dog feels dissatisfied, and if this continues without being resolved, in the worst case, hostility may be aimed at by the dog. Mr. Paul McGreevy, a professor of animal welfare science at the University of Sydney, conducts research to understand the feelings of dogs by the owner and explains the behavior of 10 dogs that the owner is likely to misunderstand.

Is your dog happy? Ten common misconceptions about dog behaviour

◆ 1: I do not want to share something with people
People understand shared property properly and can share with others. However, dogs have the idea of ​​"own things are their own" and tend to dislike being able to pick up toys and bones. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid taking actions from dogs who have not bruised as much as possible.

◆ 2: Dogs hate acts like being hugged
People act as "hugging" as one of love expressions. However, the limbs and joints of dogs do not have the same function to do the same thing, you can not take action to hug. For this reason, when you are hugged from a person, many dogs may feel uncomfortable or may be frightened. In addition, it seems that sometimes the act of killing pounding lightly with the meaning of the cheeks also gives the dog a fear.

◆ 3: Behavior that suddenly barks or raises the beat is not a dangerous sign
These behaviors are what you see when a dog wants a distance and many dogs sometimes require a large amount of space to relax yourself regardless of temper and discipline. When this dog is seen with this behavior, it is said that if you give consideration to taking a little distance, you do not feel dangerous. In addition, dogs do not necessarily indicate "distance is wanted" by direct action from the beginning, but at the beginning they appeal with a more discreet action. However, in order for this behavior not to be conveyed to humans, it will take direct and easy-to-understand actions such as barking and getting up.

◆ 4: Dogs are not welcoming unfamiliar people and dogs who came home
A dog is an animal evolved from a wolf and has a habit of trying to protect her territory and things of the house. As dogs do not know human holidays, they do not know that unfamiliar people and dogs suddenly come and go home. Dogs do not welcome visitors, but they seem to believe that they will leave from home immediately, and rarely do hostile countermeasures just because they enter their own territory.

◆ 5: The dog is seeking change
While many people head towards school and work, we value the time to relax at home. In contrast, in the case of dogs, you will spend most of your private time at home, so the inner heart tends to seek change. For this reason, "It is a very good thing to take a walk or the like for a dog and give a change in the environment," McGreeeby says.

◆ 6: Friendly dogs may actually be reluctant to come in contact with people and dogs
There are many people who think that a dog who responds with pleasure simply by approaching or touching a little is a friendly and friendly dog. However, some dogs are uneasy about meeting unknown people and dogs, and there are dogs that intentionally contact friendly to resolve this stress. Besides this, there are dogs who prefer quiet communication depending on personality, and some dogs want a large personal space with a distance.

◆ 7: Dogs do not come closer as they want to play
Depending on some dogs, while approaching a friendly atmosphere, they may approach non-owners and other dogs and expose hostility suddenly. Although the intent of these dogs is uncertain, the dogs taking such actions are said to have been suddenly fearful, despite being good to go near people or dogs to get information It is thought.

◆ 8: Walking is not unnecessary just because the garden is wide
There are people who think that walking is unnecessary as dogs can do exercise enough if they have a large garden. However, the size of the garden is not much related to the dog, and as described above, there is a tendency to seek change. For this reason, even though a dog living in a large house in the garden, I look forward to taking a walk out of the house very much.

◆ 9: It does not mean it is rebellious not to act as it is told
Do not listen to what the dog says is that he never became rebellious, because he does not fundamentally understand what he is saying. For example, it is not always the case that you sit in the same way even if you tell the dog to say "sitting" at the park, as the dog sat in the kitchen after being told that "sitting"! This means that dogs are only obeying orders in response to the environment and their voices placed, not that they properly understand the meaning of the word "sorry" itself.

◆ 10: The signs that the dog feels dissatisfied already exist before the act of turning hostility towards the owner
When a dog complains about it, he sends a sign that is difficult to understand a little, such as turning his eyes or stiffing his face. If the situation does not improve even with this signature, it will change to an easy-to-understate sign showing hostility such as trying to hit the owner. For this reason, it is necessary for the owner to notice the change of the dog as soon as possible.

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