Valve's high-spec handheld game machine 'Steam Deck' disassembled video released

Valve , which develops the game distribution platform ' Steam ', is working on the development of a portable game machine 'Steam Deck ' that can play games distributed on Steam. A movie that disassembles this Steam Deck and explains its contents has been released on Valve's official YouTube channel.

Steam Deck Deposit-Take a look inside Steam Deck! -Steam News

Since the announcement of Steam Deck, Valve has received many inquiries asking about Steam Deck's hardware configuration and whether parts can be replaced. Valve said, 'The answer is a bit more complicated than'Yes'and'No', so I made a movie to explain the details,' he said, disassembling Steam Deck and explaining the internal structure and how to replace parts. published.

Take a look inside Steam Deck ™! --YouTube

According to Valve, disassembling Steam Deck is deprecated. However, he said, 'Steam Deck users have the right to disassemble,' and explains how to disassemble the Steam Deck and replace sticks and SSDs.

As a precaution when disassembling Valve, there is a risk of fire if the battery is mishandled ...

It points out that once disassembled, Steam Deck's impact resistance may be reduced.

It is also recommended to take measures against static electricity using a

charging strap. We warn experts to seek help if they find it difficult to disassemble.

The Steam Deck used in the movie is a prototype, and the design may be different from the product version. To replace each part, you must first remove the case. There are 4 screws on the outside of the case ...

Since there are 4 places on the inside, remove it with a screwdriver, being careful not to damage the case or crush the screw head.

The outer screws and inner screws are different in size, so be careful not to mix them.

After removing the screws, pry open the case, being careful not to hurt your nails.

Open the case and you will see the Steam Deck board. Next, remove the stick at the position of the red frame.

To remove the stick, disconnect the circled connector ...

All you have to do is remove the three screws.

This completes the stick removal work. The stick on the other side can be removed as well.

Now remove the SSD. The SSD is located under the circled cover.

When replacing SSD, 'If you use SSD with high power consumption, it may shorten the battery life' 'It may interfere with wireless modules such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the wireless performance may deteriorate' ' SSD and other parts may physically interfere when Steam Deck vibrates. '' APU heat exhaust module must be unscrewed when replacing, which may affect heat exhaust performance. There is a risk such as. 'If you want to increase the storage capacity, it is not recommended to replace the SSD, we recommend inserting a microSD card, which is easier and faster to do,' said Valve. Emphasizes that it is deprecated.

To remove the SSD, you must first remove the silver cover. Remove the two screws indicated by the arrows ...

The cover can be removed by removing the two screws.

The circled part is the SSD.

M.2 is adopted as the connection standard of SSD, and the mountable size is limited to Type 2230.

Before disconnecting the SSD, first disconnect the battery.

After that, just remove one screw ...

SSD removal work is complete. In addition, it is OK to install each part in the reverse order of disassembly.

Steam Deck is scheduled to appear in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the EU in December 2021, and shipments to other regions are scheduled to begin in 2022. The official website of Steam Deck also has a Japanese version page, and it seems that it can be expected to appear in Japan.

On the official Japanese page mentioned above, the high performance is emphasized, saying, 'Steam Deck works very comfortably even with the latest AAA titles.' In addition, the official Twitter account of the open world RPG 'The Witcher 3 ' has released 'How the Witcher 3 works comfortably on Steam Deck'.

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