A platform that mistakenly sent a virtual currency worth 10 billion yen to a user calls for a return

In Compound, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that operates the virtual currency Ethereum, it was found that there was an outflow of virtual currency worth 90 million dollars (about 10 billion yen) due to an upgrade mistake. Founder Robert Reschner is calling for a return, as we can track where all the tokens went.

Crypto platform mistakenly gives $ 90M to users, asks for refund

Mr. Reschner stated that he could own 10% of the leaked Compound tokens as a white hat (a hack in good faith) if he could return them.

However, he also tweeted that 'all income is reported to the US Revenue Service, so if you do not return it, your personal information will be exposed', which has caused a backlash.

'What an embarrassing thing. Threatened grief has spurred a lack of privacy,' said Assaf Morami, a blockchain engineer at Enigma, a service developer focused on protecting privacy.

'This is a way to hesitate someone who might help you make a mistake,' said entrepreneur Ryan Lackey.

Two hours after the original tweet, Reschner once again said, 'I'm going to do whatever the community can do to get the tokens back, and this is a very painstaking tweet / approach. Fortunately, the community is better than me. It's much bigger and smarter. Thank you for your ridicule and support. '

In this case, Compound users will not lose their tokens.

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