Nomad, who stole virtual currency equivalent to 25 billion yen, calls on hackers, ``If you return 90% of the stolen amount, the remaining 10% will be accepted as a share and will not be prosecuted.''

In August 2022, Nomad , which works on a ' token bridge ' that enables interoperability by moving tokens between different blockchains, was hacked, and virtual currency equivalent to $ 190.7 million (about 25.3 billion yen) was stolen. was Such Nomad issued a statement calling for hackers, ``If you return 90% of the stolen virtual currency, you will admit that the remaining 10% will be held as a bounty, and there will be no prosecution.'' increase.

Crypto Bridge Nomad Offers 10% Bounty After $190 Million Hack - Bloomberg

Nomad Sets 10% Bounty for Hackers Returning Stolen Crypto

On August 2, 2022, Nomad's token bridge began to be hacked, and virtual currencies such as Wrapped ETH (WETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USD Coin (USDC) were stolen one after another. did.

The series of hacks are believed to have exploited vulnerabilities introduced in recent updates to Nomad's smart contracts . This vulnerability made it possible for hackers to easily disguise transactions and withdraw funds, so after the first hacker attacked, other hackers who took advantage of the attack stole funds one after another using the same trick. It seems that he went. Nomad's total damage is reported to be equivalent to $ 190.7 million (about 25.3 billion yen).

Virtual currency worth 25 billion yen leaked in attack on Nomad's token bridge - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Nomad issued a statement on August 4th local time. ``A hacker who returns 90% of the virtual currency stolen from Nomad is considered a `` white hacker ,'' and is allowed to obtain the remaining 10% as a reward, and does not pursue legal responsibility,'' he said to the hacker. He demanded the return of the stolen funds.

Nomad says it is working with blockchain analytics firm TRM Labs and law enforcement to identify hackers and accept recoverable funds. Nomad claims to have recovered $20 million worth of virtual currency out of $190 million thanks to 'white hackers', but some of these 'white hackers' There is a possibility that the hacker was ashamed of stealing the funds by exploiting security flaws and returned the funds himself.

In cryptocurrency theft cases, it is known that it is difficult to arrest criminals and recover funds. However, in the past, there was an incident in which a hacker who stole a total of over 60 billion yen in virtual currency from the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform 'Poly Network' eventually returned the stolen virtual currency in full.

How did the hacker who stole over 60 billion yen from DeFi return the full amount? -GIGAZINE

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