Hacker who stole over 60 billion yen worth of virtual currency returned 40%, ease of tracking may have been the bottleneck

One day after an incident in which a total of $611 million (approximately 68 billion yen) worth of virtual currency was illegally leaked, which was the largest ever hacking loss in decentralized finance (DeFi), hackers stole some of the virtual currency. It has been confirmed that they have begun to return the

Poly Network attacker returns $256 million of the stolen cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency theft: Hackers steal $600 million in Poly Network hack

Crypto Hackers Stole More Than $600 Million From DeFi Network, Then Gave Some of It Back - WSJ

On August 10, 2021, Poly Network , a platform that provides cross-chain technology that allows direct exchange of different virtual currencies, was hacked, resulting in a total of $611 million worth of virtual currencies including Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) being hacked. It was reported that currency was leaked. Poly Network published the destination addresses of each virtual currency and called on miners and exchanges to blacklist tokens sent from the addresses.

A record amount of over 60 billion yen worth of virtual currency is stolen by hacking - GIGAZINE

Approximately 24 hours after this report, the hacker wrote on the transaction record page that the funds were 'ready to be returned.' Shortly thereafter, Poly Network published the return address and called on the hacker to return the money.

As of 1 a.m. on August 12th, Poly Network reported that $3.3 million (approximately 370 million yen) of the $273 million (approximately 30 billion yen) of Ethereum that was allegedly stolen had been returned. The entire amount of Binance coins is 253 million dollars (approximately 28 billion yen), 1 million dollars (approximately 110 million yen) of the approximately 85 million dollars (approximately 9 billion yen) USD coins issued by Polygon, a total of approximately 200 million yen It is reported to be 60 million dollars (about 29 billion yen).

A few hours after this hack was reported, security company SlowMist reported that it was ``tracking the hacker's email address and IP address.'' It was determined that the hacker's original funds were Monero (XMR).

Regarding this hack, the hacker reportedly said things like, ``I'm not really interested in money. Shouldn't we learn something from hacking?'' ``I want to give you some hints on how to ensure network safety.'' thing. However, Tom Robinson, chief scientist at blockchain analysis company Elliptic , said, ``This incident shows that even if the virtual currency could be stolen, the transparency of the blockchain means that the stolen virtual currency could be laundered. 'The hackers may have concluded that the safest option is to return the stolen cryptocurrencies.'

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