Open source home automation 'Home Assistant' that can centrally manage home appliances and electricity meters and automate operations

Recently, 'home automation' that connects various things such as electric lights, air conditioners, and other home appliances to the Internet and centrally manages and automates them has been advancing. 'Home Assistant' is a service that realizes such home automation as an open source and can be linked with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Home Assistant

'Home Assistant' is an open source home automation centralized management service. Not only can you manage home appliances, but you can also manage electricity and gas usage and their charges. Visit the demo page to see what you can manage and how.

You can operate the air conditioner and TV peripherals from one page and manage whether the doorbell rang ...

You can create a drawing of your home and operate lights and air conditioners more intuitively. It is also possible to 'automate' each home appliance based on conditions such as time and temperature. Of course, in order to confirm this information, it is a major premise that each home appliance is connected to the Internet.

It is also possible to determine the hourly power consumption and whether the power source is solar or non-fossil fuel.

The power consumption is read using an electric meter compatible with the wireless communication standard ZigBee and a special device connected to the electric meter.

Home Assistant also supports 1853 online services, including Amazon Web Services.

To use Home Assistant, it is essential to install Home Assistant OS on Raspberry Pi, Windows, etc. and to build a virtual environment. Home Assistant can be installed from

this page.

Many users publish and explain blueprints for home appliance operation and automation on the forum.

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