What is the 'Car Connectivity Consortium' that establishes standards for using smartphones to operate car keys and car navigation systems?

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) , an industry group in which technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Panasonic and automobile companies such as Honda, BMW, and General Motors participate, uses smartphones as car keys and cooperates with in-vehicle monitors. Standards are being established to achieve this.

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◆ Digital Key
CCC is developing the specifications of the standard 'Digital Key ' for using smartphones as automobile keys, and released version 3.0 on April 21, 2021.

By using power-saving communication standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC , Digital Key aims to operate as a key even when the smartphone battery level is low.

'Some car makers and car rental services use smartphone apps as car keys, but each car maker and service uses an incompatible approach,' CCC said. It is a global standard that bridges the gap between manufacturers and services and enables mobile devices to be used as keys for automobiles. '

◆ Mirror Link

MirrorLink is a standard for operating in-vehicle navigation from a smartphone and accessing smartphone functions from in-vehicle navigation, such as 'CarPlay ' developed by Apple and ' Android Auto' of Google.

Automakers such as Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda have already introduced cars that support MirrorLink, and Pioneer has released multiple types of car audio that supports MirrorLink. Furthermore, in 2014, Microsoft announced the development of an in-vehicle information system 'Windows in the Car' based on MirrorLink.

Microsoft announces that it is developing 'Windows in the Car' for in-vehicle use-GIGAZINE

◆ Car Data Project
The ' Car Data Project ' provides service providers with vehicle usage data to provide 'insurance according to the mileage of the vehicle,' 'real-time monitoring of road conditions,' 'integrated vehicle maintenance service,' etc. It is a project to realize without dependence. According to CCC, at the time of writing the article, the Car Data Project is in the process of defining requirements for specification development.

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