Mozilla announces "Things Gateway" that connects all devices beyond the boundaries of the IoT standard

Mozilla announced on February 7, 2018, the United States time, as a part of the project "Project Things" which enables you to manage IoT devices connected to the net at once, a framework of software and services "Things Gateway"And updated the software for Raspberry Pi to realize this. Things Gateway aims to control devices collectively across the barriers of protocols existing between manufacturers and vendors by giving URLs unique to all IoT devices.

Announcing "Project Things" - An open framework for connecting your devices to the web. - The Mozilla Blog

It is represented by "smart home" that can control electrical equipment via the netIoT(Internt of Things: the Internet's Internet) is showing excitement, but on the other hand "gap" is born that the standard is not well-integrated. In order to deal with that problem, Moonsilla's Things Gateway has been developed. In Things Gateway, by giving the URL to all the "objects" (IoT devices) connected to the net, it is possible to operate the equipment without trouble by ensuring compatibility.

In the world of IoT, Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung etc provide their respective services, but both of them are aiming to build their own standards by pushing their own standards. Although this is a natural behavior as a commercial enterprise, on the other hand, for general users who use the equipment, it is not necessarily a favorable situation because confusion arises due to the muzzle of standards. Mozilla, an organization that is committed to "being open" that has promoted the project to avoid monopoly by some technology companies, Project Things, which the group has been advancing, We aim to fill gaps between standards by passing through the web so that even devices that cross multiple standards can be used without problems.

With Things Gateway, using "Raspberry Pi" of a small microcomputer, anyone can build private gateway of their own. In addition to being able to operate the device via this gateway, if you have the feature that you can run the device operation by the voice command on all devices without worrying about the IoT standards Thing.

Software for Raspberry Pi (version 0.3) isMozilla's official blogIt is possible to download from the link in. GUI for Raspberry Pi "Etcher"And install software on Raspberry Pi via SD card.

When the installation is completed and you are ready for Wi-Fi etc, connect with the IoT device. Since the name of the equipment is displayed on the screen as follows, it is easy to distinguish.

Once the devices are connected, you will be able to operate each device independently. For example, in the case of "smart outlet", it becomes possible to check the voltage, current, power consumption, power frequency, etc. as well as on / off of the outlet itself on the screen.

It is possible to adjust the color and brightness of light in addition to on / off, as long as it is a "smart light bulb" that can adjust the way of lighting. All these can be operated from anywhere in the world via the net.

In addition, by setting in advance the behavior at a certain condition, "IFTTTIt is also possible to realize the behavior like.

With the "Floor Plan" function, it is possible to create a floor map of IoT equipment installed in the house and manage the operation of each equipment.

With "add-on" function, it is also possible to add new functions and update them.

In addition, if you turn on the "Voice Command" function, a microphone icon will appear on the screen, allowing you to operate the device by voice.

As mentioned above, Things Gateway makes it possible to control IoT equipment and smart home equipment at once. In the above, I showed some simple uses, but the tutorial with more detailed usage can be read from the following page.

How to build your own private smart home with a Raspberry Pi and Mozilla's Things Gateway - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

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