It is clear that Nintendo's popular character Luigi was quietly appearing in the Dreamcast racing game for some reason

For some reason, it became clear that Nintendo's popular character Luigi was in the prototype of the racing game '

Sega GT Homologation Special ' released by Sega for Dreamcast in 2000, and it has become a hot topic.

The Deluge Project part 3, an avalanche of Dreamcast and Classic Xbox prototypes! -3

Luigi Has Been Found In A Dreamcast Racing Game

Luigi is Mario's younger brother, a popular Nintendo character. It has been revealed that this Luigi is included in the prototype of a racing game called 'Sega GT Homologation Special' that appeared for Dreamcast, a home video game console released by Sega in 1998 for some reason.

Luigi, which was discovered in the prototype of 'Sega GT Homologation Special', is reported by a Twitter account called 'Sega Dreamcast Info', which is working on the conservation of retro games centered on Sega's Dreamcast.

Sega Dreamcast Info is one of Luigi's prototypes of the 'Sega GT Homologation Special' included in the 'Project Deluge ' project, which archives prototypes, unreleased versions, and initial builds of games such as Dreamcast and the original Xbox. It seems that he discovered the figure. According to Sega Dreamcast Info, Luigi will appear in the prototype race named 'sonygt2', only in the prototype, not in the retail version.

Luigi holding a ticker flag. The head and body are a little high, and for some reason they tend to look down.

When overseas game media Kotaku contacted Sega Dreamcast Info, 'I laughed out loud when I discovered Luigi in the Sega GT yesterday. This kind of hidden element has been around for a long time. I knew that, but I never thought I would encounter one of them in the game I was analyzing. '

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