Qualcomm announces high-quality sound codec 'aptX Lossless', enabling CD-quality music to be played wirelessly without deterioration

Qualcomm, known for the Snapdragon series of SoCs for smartphones, has announced the high-quality sound codec ' aptX Lossless'. aptX Lossless will be provided as part of Qualcomm's next-generation wireless audio technology, Snapdragon Sound, and will enable CD-quality music to be played wirelessly without degradation by connecting compatible devices.

Qualcomm adds Bluetooth Lossless Audio Technology to Snapdragon Sound | Qualcomm

Next-generation wireless audio technology announced by Qualcomm in March 2021, Snapdragon Sound enables wireless playback with Hi-Fi sound quality of up to 24bit / 96kHz by combining with Qualcomm's SoC and voice codec 'aptX Adaptive' It is something to do. However, even if it says 'maximum 24bit / 96kHz', the audio data is transmitted in a compressed state, so deterioration of sound quality was unavoidable. The aptX Lossless announced this time is an extension of aptX Adaptive, and can transmit audio up to CD sound quality (16bit / 44.1kHz) without deterioration.

Qualcomm Announces High Quality & Low Latency Next Generation Wireless Audio Technology 'Snapdragon Sound'-GIGAZINE

If voice is transmitted without deterioration, the amount of communication will increase, but according to Qualcomm, aptX Lossless will realize large-capacity communication of 1 megabit per second by utilizing the Bluetooth technology 'Qualcomm Bluetooth High Speed Link'. In addition, by automatically limiting the amount of communication to 140 kilobits per second in situations where radio waves are congested, it is said that uninterrupted music playback will be realized.

The specifications of aptX Lossless revealed in the announcement are as follows.

-Supports lossless playback of CD sound quality (16bit / 44.1kHz)
-Scale up to CD lossless quality based on Qualcomm Bluetooth High Speed Link
・ Users can select CD sound quality (16bit / 44.1kHz) or compressed high bit rate (24bit / 96kHz) sound quality.
-When the sound source is lossless audio, lossless playback of CD sound quality is automatically enabled.
・ Maximum bit rate is 1Mbps

James Chapman, who serves as the general manager of Qualcomm's '2021 survey in, more than half of those surveyed have asked for lossless or high-quality music playback, purchase 64 percent support status to the lossless audio of wireless earphone 'So far, lossless audio is only supported on output devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. By supporting lossless audio in earphones and headphones, artists can It will be possible to deliver the intended sound to the user. '

Devices that support aptX Lossless are scheduled to appear in the latter half of 2021. Technology-related media, The Verge, said that Apple Music nowsupports lossless audio and that Amazon's lossless audio distribution service ' Amazon Music HD ' is available at no additional charge, 'aptX Lossless is lossless. audio and there is a possibility to solve the problem of 'wireless play', 'we are facing pointed out we are.

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