Soon it will be possible to send and receive Bitcoin via Twitter

It became clear that Bitcoin can be sent and received soon with the money-throwing function ' Tip Jar' installed in Twitter. Tip Jar is a function only for English-speaking users at the time of writing the article, but it will be expanded to other regions in the future.

Twitter will soon let users send and receive Bitcoin in its'Tip Jar' platform --9to5Mac

Tip Jar is a money transfer feature that allows Twitter users to add a payment service link to their profile so that another user who clicks the link can use the payment service to send money. The payment services available in Tip Jar are Cash App , Patreon , PayPal, etc. at the time of article creation, and are being deployed as a test function only to some English-speaking users.

The story of being able to send and receive Bitcoin with Tip Jar was brought to you by app developer and leaker Alessandro Paruzzi. On September 1, 2021, Mr. Paruzzi leaked an image on Twitter that describes the introduction of the Bitcoin transmission / reception function of Twitter. In addition to introducing what Bitcoin is like, it described that Bitcoin can be sent and received through the payment service Strike , and that the blockchain protocol Lightning Network is used.

After Mr. Paruzzi's tweet, Twitter product leader Kayvon Beykpool quoted Mr. Paruzzi's tweet and tweeted 'Soon'. The leak is now recognized as a fact.

However, the time when Bitcoin can be sent and received with Tip Jar is undecided at the time of article creation, and it is unknown which region users are targeted.

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