Moderna's new corona vaccine reveals more than twice as much antibody production as Pfizer

The new coronavirus vaccine has already started in Japan, but the type of vaccine used differs depending on the venue and the organizer. A new cohort study conducted in Belgium directly compared two of the most widespread new coronavirus vaccines, Moderna's 'mRNA-1273 ' and Pfizer's BioNTech SE's ' BNT162b2 ', which is more effective. I am investigating whether it is a vaccine.

Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response Following Vaccination With BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 | Vaccination | JAMA | JAMA Network

Moderna's 'mRNA-1273' and Pfizer's BioNTech SE's 'BNT162b2' are both excellent new coronavirus vaccines with an efficacy rate of 90% or more. However, the effectiveness of vaccines is difficult to measure by this efficacy rate alone, so it is very difficult to simply compare them. Therefore, the research team conducted a survey to directly compare the humoral immunity of subjects after vaccination with the two vaccines.

The study conducted an anti-SARS-CoV-2 S enzyme immunoassay to determine blood immunoglobulin levels in 1647 health care workers working in a Belgian health center. Of the 1647 subjects, 688 were vaccinated with Moderna's 'mRNA-1273' and 959 were vaccinated with Pfizer's BioNTech SE 'BNT162b2'. The test is performed twice, before vaccination and 6 to 10 weeks after the second vaccination, and the antibody titer of the subject is examined at each timing.

The figure below shows the antibody titers of Moderna's 'mRNA-1273' (gray) and Pfizer BioNTech SE's 'BNT162b2' (yellow) after two inoculations. A is 'whole subjects', B is 'subjects who were not infected with the new coronavirus before vaccination', right is 'subjects who were infected with the new coronavirus before vaccination', and C is The results when the subjects were divided by age group were '35 years old or younger', '35-55 years old', and '56 years old or older' from the left. The overall average antibody titer was 2881 units per milliliter of blood for Moderna's 'mRNA-1273', while it was 1108 units for Pfizer BioNTech SE's 'BNT162b2'.

As can be seen from the graph, in all cases, inoculation with Moderna's 'mRNA-1273' showed higher antibody titers, but the most significant difference was in the group of subjects under 35 years of age. was.

Regarding the significant difference in antibody titers produced by the two vaccines, the research group said, 'MRNA-1273 has a higher mRNA content than BNT162b2 and has a longer interval between priming and boosting, which is why it produces. It may be possible to explain that the difference in antibody titer is the origin. '

Since this study lacks data such as cell-mediated immunity and neutralizing antibodies, further research on how differences in antibody titers are related to immunity acquisition period and infection risk will be investigated in the future. Is required.

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