TikTok's parent company enters the VR industry by acquiring the world's third largest VR company 'Pico'

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TikTok operates a ByteDance is, VR companies and boasts a market share of the world's top three place in the VR market Pico has, it has been reported that the acquisition of.

TikTok owner ByteDance acquires Pico and takes first step into VR

Pico, which is reportedly acquired by TikTok, is a VR headset maker that develops the standalone VR headset 'Pico G2 4K ' equipped with a 4K display and the VR headset ' Neo 3 Pro' for enterprises. According to an IDC survey , Pico holds the third largest market share in the industry after Oculus , which deploys Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Rift S, and DPVR , which is based in China.

ByteDance has not disclosed the size of the deal, but told CNBC that 'Pico's hardware and software technology and team talent and deep expertise will enter the VR market and enter the VR space. It will contribute to both long-term investment of the company, 'said the response of the acquisition. In addition, CNBC points out that ByteDance is pushing ahead with business diversification, citing ByteDance's acquisition

of game developer Moonton for $ 4 billion in March 2021. ..

In addition, Upload of VR related media focused on the fact that the specifications of the VR headset developed by Pico are close to the Oculus Quest series of stand-alone VR headsets, 'Companies such as Sony Valve, HTC are excellent VR Although we manufacture a head set, they must be connected to an expensive machine such as a PC or a game console, '' acquisition of Pico due to ByteDance is, there is a possibility to bring the competition to Oculus Quest 'and claims to I am.

In addition, Pico's VR headset with 4K display 'Pico G2 4K' is available at Amazon.co.jp for 35,937 yen at the time of article creation.

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