Amazon reversed Google and succeeded in reversing the acquisition of game playback service Twitch

Game Streaming ServiceTwitchAlthough it was thought that Google holding YouTube would be acquired, Amazon reversed at the last minute and succeeded in the acquisition of Twitch.

A Letter from the CEO - Twitch

Amazon Media Room: Press Releases

On August 25, 2014, Twitch's CEO Emmett Shea officially announced to Twitch community that Twitch accepted the acquisition from Amazon. Sheer said, "I chose Amazon because I thought Amazon would believe in our community, share our value and long-term vision, and support us growing," I am talking.

Amazon's announcement of Twitch's acquisition is $ 970 million (about 100 billion yen), and it is payment in bulk cash. The acquisition process is expected to be completed within 2014. Amazon's Jeff Bezos said on Twitch acquisition, "Like Amazon Twitter, Amazon is also customer top priority and welcomes a diverse way of thinking.Amazon learns much from Twitch and quickly add new services I am looking forward to being able to help you with that. "

For Twitch, which is growing rapidly in streaming services of game play movies, firstly, YouTube, a video distribution service, has expanded his / her meal, and after that, Google, which has YouTube as its subsidiary, launched the acquisition for over 100 billion yen,Negotiations are progressing until just before the acquisition agreementIt was reported that. However, Twitch has joined YouTube, which has established a dominant position in the video distribution service, that the possibility of conflict with the Antimonopoly Act emerges and it is considered that both Twitch and Google hated the risk.

Amazon has so far been a tablet terminal "Kindle Fire HDX", High-performance STB"Fire TV",smartphone"Fire PhoneWe continue to actively invest in game related projects such as releasing it in a series of stages and it is clear that we estimate the future potential of the game market highly. It is noteworthy how Amazon, which succeeded in shooting Google at the last minute and succeeded in shooting a rapidly growing promising stock Twitch, will incorporate promising growing game streaming service into its service and bring synergy effects.

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