I tried 3 kinds of Lawson's new sweets such as 'Uchi Café Spécialité (with hazelnut chocolate)' which is a perfect match between fluffy cream and hazelnuts.

Lawson's sweets brand 'Uchi Café Spécialité ', which is particular about ingredients and specialized menus, is added with hazelnut chocolate by sandwiching cream with Hokkaido cream and mascarpone on soft brioche dough. 'Uchi Café Spécialité Sumi Fluffy Maritozzo (with Hazelnut Chocolate) ' has been released on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. From the same day, 'Uchi Café Spécialité Sumi Toro Fresh Sweet Potato (with caramel butter sauce) ', which is made by layering whipped cream on fresh sweet potatoes made with honey potatoes and fresh cream, and caramel cream coated with caramel chocolate. It is said that 'Uchi Café Spécialité Ryusou Shio Caramel Sandwich ', which is sandwiched with cookie dough, has also appeared, so I tried all three types at once.

Uchi Café Spécialité Sumi Fluffy Maritozzo (with hazelnut chocolate) | Lawson Official Website

Uchi Café Spécialité Sumi Toro Raw Sweet Potato (with caramel butter sauce) | Lawson Official Website

Uchi Café Spécialité Ryuso Shio Caramel Sandwich | Lawson Official Website

That's why I bought 'Sumifuwa Maritozzo (with hazelnut chocolate)', 'Sumitoro raw sweet potato (with caramel butter sauce)' and 'Ryusou salt caramel sandwich' at Lawson.

First of all, I will eat from 'Sumifuwa Maritozzo (with hazelnut chocolate)'.

In the ingredient column, 'whipped cream with fresh cream' is written first, and 'hazelnut chocolate spread' and 'natural cheese' are also written.

One calorie is 358 kcal.

This is the place I took out of the bag.

From the top, you can clearly see that the cream is sticking out of the bread. The actual size of the bread was about 9 cm.

When you try it, the flavor of cream with a rich milk flavor spreads throughout your mouth.

Brioche dough bread is moist and soft, with a slightly sweet taste. Fresh cream is the main sweet, but the richness of cheese and the aroma of hazelnut chocolate are a nice accent, so I was able to enjoy a large amount of cream until the end without getting tired.

Next, I will try 'Sumi Toro Raw Sweet Potato (with caramel butter sauce)'.

In the raw material column, 'sweet potato paste', 'custard cream', 'caramel sauce', etc. are written.

One calorie is 245 kcal.

This is what I put on the plate. You can see the sweet potatoes layered on top of the sponge and the whipped cream with crushed almonds on top.

The diameter of the cake is about 7 cm.

When cut in half, the caramel butter sauce in the sweet potato came out.

Raw sweet potatoes have a moist texture, and when you untie them in your mouth, you can feel the gentle sweetness of honey potatoes and the richness of fresh cream. In addition, you can enjoy the sweet and salty taste of caramel butter sauce, the light melting of whipped cream in the mouth, and the slight sweetness, making it a sweet that you can enjoy various tastes with a single bite.

Finally, we will eat 'Ryuso Shio Caramel Sandwich'.

'Caramel cream with salt' and 'caramel chocolate coaching' are used as raw materials.

One calorie is 279 kcal.

When you put it on a plate, it looks like this. When you put it on a plate, it looks like this. Caramel cream coated with caramel is sandwiched between the cookie dough.

The length was about 11 cm.

The caramel-coated caramel cream sandwiched between crispy cookie dough has a truly caramel-like taste. The caramel aroma, bittersweetness, and saltiness in the cream complement the elegant sweetness, making it an adult-flavored sweet.

'Uchi Café Spécialité Sumifuwa Maritozzo (with hazelnut chocolate)' (260 yen including tax), 'Uchi Café Spécialité Sumi Toro Raw Sweet Potato (with caramel butter sauce)' (295 yen including tax), 'Uchi Café Spécialité Ryusei Salt Caramel Sandwich' '(270 yen including tax) can be purchased at Lawson nationwide from Tuesday, August 17, 2021, but please note that it is not available at Lawson Store 100 stores.

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