I tried using the navigation function of Google Maps that can check directions in Street View

As a substitute for in-vehicle car navigation, I also tried using Google Maps following

'Drive Supporter by NAVITIME ', ' Portable Smiley Road ', ' Yahoo! Car Navi ', and ' Apple Maps'. In addition to the basic navigation function, you can carefully check the route with the familiar Street View function.

'Google Maps-Transfer Information & Gourmet' on the App Store
https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/google-Map-Transfer information-Gourmet / id585027354

Google Maps --Navigation, Transfer Information --Google Play App

The map display of Google Maps looks like this. Stations and large-scale stores are displayed up to the internal structure of the building.

To search for a destination, enter the information in the search window ...

Do you tap the destination on the map?

When you tap 'Route' and set the means of transportation to 'Car', three types of routes to your destination are displayed.

When you tap 'Directions', directions indicating 'Which intersection should you go in which direction' will be displayed. You can also see a photo of the intersection in Street View.

Tap 'Start' to start navigation.

You can see how you are actually using the navigation in the video below.

I tried using the car navigation function of Google Maps --YouTube

Swipe left or right on the green frame at the top of the navigation to see in which direction you should turn at the intersection you are passing through.

You can add a waypoint by tapping the magnifying glass mark on the upper right. You can search for stopovers by entering them in the search window, and for gas stations, restaurants, super cafes, and cafes, you can immediately search for candidate sites around the route by tapping the corresponding icon.

Tap one of the candidate sites displayed as a search result, tap 'Add waypoint', or leave it for 10 seconds and it will be automatically set as a waypoint.

If you want to delete the waypoint, tap 'Exit' and then tap 'Delete waypoint'.

Google Maps is excellent as a simple 'map app', but when using it as a car navigation system, it seems that traffic restrictions depending on the width of the road and the time of day are not taken into consideration. There was a case that guided us on a narrow road like this. Also, I was worried that the voice guidance was a little slow for car navigation applications where I didn't pay much attention to the screen.

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