'Resumes' that you can make a self-promotion movie instead of an entry sheet with TikTok and get a job starts

On July 7, 2021, TikTok launched 'TikTok Resumes' in the United States, where you can apply for a corporate job using a short movie.

Companies such as Shopify and Target have announced their participation in this framework, which started as a pilot program until July 31st.

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You can now apply for a job through TikTok --The Verge

People Now Spend More Time On TikTok Than YouTube, Facebook, Netflix (Report) --Tubefilter

Below is a self-promotion movie actually posted by TikTok on 'Resumes' that started on July 7. TikTok users use the ' #tiktokresumes ' tag and the editing capabilities of the TikTok app to showcase their background and abilities in the way they want.

@ makena.yee

Here are the reasons why YOU should hire me! Don't be shy, let's get in touch. #Tiktokresumes #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound --MAKENA

@ coop.cm

Tiktok do your thing! Check out ➡️ #TikTokResumes #TikTokPartner #productmanagment #jobsearch #graduated

♬ original sound --Christian ????


And yes, you can negotiate your salary for your first job! ???? #careeradvice #work #jobinterview #salary #salarynegotiation #college

♬ Paper Birds (3 min) --Jordan Halpern Schwartz

Nick Trang, Head of Global Marketing at TikTok, said in a statement, ''TikTok Resumes' has started and we are accepting video resumes. We are honored to partner with some of the world's most prestigious and up-and-coming brands to pilot new ways to showcase your experience and skill set in a creative and authentic way. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of new wind will be introduced to recruitment and job hunting. '

'Like many, college students were influenced by the pandemic, but their resilience and unwavering optimism really impressed me,' said Kayla Dixon, marketing manager at TikTok. We are pleased to help students and job seekers around the world to be creative and get jobs. '

In 'Resumes', you can apply for a job by posting a movie created using the TikTok app with the '#tiktokresumes' tag and sending the URL of the post to the company via the following special site. 34 brands and companies, such as Shopify and Target, are accepting applications through 'Resumes.'

TikTok Resumes

According to a survey by market research firm App Annie, Americans using Android smartphones spend an average of 22 hours a month watching YouTube, while TikTok spends 24.5 hours a month. Also, in the UK, TikTok is 26 hours away from YouTube's 16 hours, and TikTok is the most watched app in the United States and other countries.

Regarding the background of the start of the recruitment program on TikTok, the IT news site The Verge said, 'Some of the jobs recruited on'Resumes' include the work of creating content for TikTok. This means that many brands are moving towards hiring people who are familiar with creating content for TikTok. '

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