Google began posting job information in search results

46% of employers are facing talent shortagesThere are many companies that are struggling to hire appropriate people in the US so that the data exists. In such circumstances, Google implemented a function that makes it easier and more convenient to deliver job information to job seekers.

Connecting more Americans with jobs

Google focused on supporting both job seekers and employers in the developer event "Google I / O"Google for JobsWe announced our efforts to do. This effort includes the job search function which is announced in 2016 and which can be used very intuitively based on machine learningCloud Jobs API"contained.

Google has also announced new measures to link job seekers and employment opportunities in the US to further their activities at Google for Jobs. The measure is to make it possible to search for job information directly from Google's search engine, so you can see how you actually find job information by looking at the following movie.

Find your next job, with Google - YouTube

When searching for a new job, there are various methods such as seeing a recruiting site, inquiring of a company he wants to join himself, registering as a temporary staffing company ......

From now on, simply enter "jobs near me" or "teaching jobs" on Google's search bar and you will collect job information matching the conditions from the web.

When you search, job information will be displayed side by side in card format as follows.

The information to be displayed depends on the type of industry ......

Job category

Date on which the recruitment information was posted

You can also filter on the way you work.

In addition, it is also possible to receive notification when job information matching the searched condition is newly added. You will not miss seeking job information you ask for.

According to Google, LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Facebook etc which collects job information, "This service starts English version service today from desktop and mobile". In the future, similar functions may be available in Japan.

In addition, GIGAZINE editorial department is also recruiting. Details are as below.

"Please go to a company that can not fully utilize your capabilities" GIGAZINE recruits recruitment of editorial staff Q & A Conclusion - GIGAZINE

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