"Unicode 10.0" with 56 new emoji characters added will be announced

On June 20, 2017, the Unicode Consortium announced the official release of "Unicode 10.0" including 56 newly added pictograms.

The Unicode Blog: Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 10.0

Newly added emoticons in "Unicode 10.0", as well as a face with new expressions as follows,Mage(Witch) andFairy(fairy),Vampire(vampire),Merperson(mermaid),Zombie(zombie),Person in Lotus Position(Yoga pose),Giraffe(Giraffe),Hedgehog(Hedgehog),T-Rex(dinosaur),Broccoli(broccoli),Fortune Cookie(fortune cookie),Flying Saucer(A flying saucer) and the like, and among themDumpling(Gyoza) andChopsticksIncluding things familiar in Japan like chopsticks.

Besides this, in Unicode 10.0 it is a letter used exclusively by women of the Yao family in letters used in areas such as India and Syria and in areas such as Eunaga prefecture of Hunan Province in southern ChinaNüshu script(Female letter) and others are included. Some of them also contain characters that look dangerous at first sight called "Hentaigana characters", but this is a group of Hiragana and is not currently incorporated into school educationVariant pseudonymIt means that it contains 258 characters.

In addition to 56 pictograms, the characters added in this release are 4 languages ​​and 8518 characters, which means that the characters contained in Unicode as a whole will reach 139 languages ​​and 136,690 characters. These characters will be added to smartphones in the future, but iOS seems to respond in the second half of 2017 as well.

Unicode 10 officially released with 56 new emoji, likely coming to iOS later this year | 9to5Mac

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