Amazon announces "Prime Wardrobe" that you can return it free of charge if you do not try on & buy clothes before purchase at home

Amazon is a new service "Prime WardrobeWe announced. This service allows you to order clothes you want from the app and decide whether to purchase it after carefully trying on the clothes you have with your hand at home. If you increase the number of items purchased, you will be discounted up to 20%, even if you decide not to buy, we will respond to you free of charge. Learn More About Prime Wardrobe: Clothing, Shoes & amp; Jewelry

You can see how the Prime Wardrobe service is based on the following movie.

Introducing Prime Wardrobe - YouTube

A woman walking in the house. What is going on ......

The entrance where a white box was placed.

The box says "Prime Wardrobe".

The usage of Prime Wardrobe will be explained from the following.

First,Amazon FashionI will do shopping as usual.

There is something written "Prime Wardrobe" in the item, so tap this. In addition, there are more than 1 million items including Prime Wardrobe compatible items for men, women, children.

If you select 3 or more items at once, clothing will be delivered to your home with free shipping.

Dressed clothes can be spread at home and try on. The trial period is seven days.

Calm down and try on in natural lighting ......

It is also a point that you can thoroughly check compatibility with the item on hand.

At this time, if you decide to purchase more than 3 of the clothes you tried on, the price will be 10% off, if you purchase more than 5 points it will be 20% off. Online shopping service that you can try and return for freeZARAAlthough it also develops, the point that a discount is done is a big merit.

When becoming "Do not need this clothes ..." ...

I will return it to the sent box.

We arrange for return from the application ......

Paste the label that was included in the box to which the clothes were returned.

After that, UPS puts the box in front of the house, UPS will pick up the box, so it is not even a hassle to hand over the package at home waiting for the courier.

Prime Wardrobe is still in beta service, it is unknown about the expansion in the cities of the United States and Japan,If you register on the websiteYou can receive notice at the official start of the service.

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