A movie of a beautiful girl moving her eyebrows as if it were a CG

A girl's movie that moves eyebrows on YouTube as if it were just CG as it is now is being published, not only looks but also any beautiful girls need to have something to shine .

Girl with a funny talent. [Original video] - YouTube

A girl who is turning face.

I lifted the left eyebrow cuffed according to the music.

Next up and down the right eyebrow rhythmically.

And wave with eyebrows, squid

The echo of this movie was so big that following self uploading movie was uploaded. This girl is a 14-year-old girl living in Sydah called Sarah Robertson. "I have my page on FacebookPlease write in there if you have any questions. "

Hi Everyone, Follow up Video. (Girl with a funny talent) - YouTube

"It is told that the movie is a fake, but it's true," he also shows off his eyebrows again.

It twists eyebrows like finger movement.

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