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It has been a while since Windows 7 appeared for a while and during 2012The next version, Windows 8 will be releasedAlthough it is said, on the other hand, Windows XP of the 10 year player who was released in 2001 is still being used. How has the share changed in the year 2011?

How Much XP is Still Around?


The data is from February to December 2011, and it compares data of five operating systems of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7.

In conclusion, Windows XP never yielded the 1st place of share throughout the year. However, in February the share of 57.51% declined, and in December the number dropped to 46.52%. On the other hand, Windows 7 steadily expanded its market share, which was 24.09% in February, 34.99% in December, the number increased by the amount of XP decrease. Windows Vista has continued to decrease slightly, and we reduced the number three points in the past year. For Mac OS X, it seems that the transition from 10.6 to 10.7 is not advanced and it seems that the market share of Mac is slightly increasing.

Microsoft expects Windows XP users to migrate to the new OS, but it is speculated that if 2012 is the last year of XP, it probably will not be the case. This is due to the fact that PCs preinstalled XP at retail stores etc. are being sold and companies are not able to migrate from XP.

Windows Vista was awful.
One of the reasons why companies can not migrate from XP is that Windows Vista was awful first. There are not a few examples of seeing the Vista user's misery and forcibly upgrading the OS. Also, even when Windows 7 comes up, depending on the machine you can not demonstrate sufficient performance, so XP is still being used as it is.

Internet Explorer has become less important than it used to be
Microsoft is I am trying to upgrade both the OS and the browser, is why this is called by some companies was rather adapted to direct the eye to the browser, such as Chrome and Firefox. Also, if you do not mind the IE, you do not have to have the OS as Windows.

Many people began to buy Macintosh
If you clean up the machine you are using to upgrade the OS, it is not much different from buying a new Mac. According to the report of NetMarketShare, the Mac has doubled its market share last year and it is still under 10% from the whole PC, but it is rapidly growing.

Confirmation of update cycle
In the past, companies had upgraded or swapped machines every three to four years, but this cycle has been extended due to the appearance of Windows XP in 2001, and it is in a state of continuing to use XP . In this regard, in recent years both desktop PCs and notebook PCs have become low-priced, so there are also observations that replacement will progress at a stretch when Windows 8 comes up.

Security measures software was small when Windows 7 appeared
Actually, Windows 7 is superior to XP in terms of security, but since the security measures were not perfect at the time of release, it was probably that few companies moved from the fulfilling XP environment There is also. I do not have to repeat this tragedy when Windows 8 releases ... ....

The IT department never got easier with 64-bit Windows
XP also had a 64-bit version, but on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit versions were shipped in the same package. However, with the transition to 64-bit, many confusion occurred and support was needed, so there was a case to wait for it to fit.

Indeed, Windows 7 was an OS that could be used unlike Vista, but the image of Vista was so intense that there were a lot of cases where you are using stable XP. With the introduction of Windows 8, can XP finally finish its role?

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