A man who gets a brilliant job with super-pinpoint job advertisement aiming at the target

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Speaking of "job advertisement", if you are an experienced worker or a part-time jober, most people have actually seen and applied, but from the person seeking job to the potential employer "I have this ability and I am seeking such a job. When I hire you there is such a good thing"People who have experienced" job advertisements "to appeal are unusual, are not they?

However, due to the global recession Recently, companies that they want to work are not necessarily recruiting jobs, as opportunities do not come just by waiting. Meanwhile, some advertisers in the advertising industry, which has a strong sense of humor and humor, seemed to get a job of admiration that everyone envied with one clever "job seeking ad" that aimed at the target.

Details are as below.The Google Job Experiment

Copywriter and directorAlec BrownsteinMrGoogle AdWordsIn a budgetary job-seeking advertisement that used effectively, she took a job she would like to do brilliantly and received the voices of envy and praise from all over the world, "Has that hand been there?"

So, what kind of advertisement was it? The following video by Brownstein himself briefly summarizes the background of this "Google AdWords Job Search Operation".
YouTube - The Google Job Experiment

When a big creative director working in the advertising industry in New York searches for his name ......

At the top of the search results, the advertisement named "Hi, Ian, it's fun to tag your name, it's fun to hire me!" Is displayed and it is guided to Mr. Brownstein's website.

What was targetedDavid Droga·Tony Granger·Gerry Graf·Ian Reichenthal·Scott VitroneFive people in the world.

Among them, he seems to have interviewed four people other than Tony Granger. Mr. Granger may not have a habit of searching for his name, but the other four may be that he checks his reputation regularly on the net.

And Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone received a job offer.

Brownstein is currently a leading advertising agencyYoung And RubicamIt is said that he works inBoth Reichenthal and Mr. Vitrone belong to Y & amp; R).

It cost only six dollars.

According to Mr. Brownstein "this job advertisement"Clio AwardYaOne ShowPencil also won the prize. It is exactly "I won do it" idea and it may be difficult to aim for the second game, but if you are confident of your ability and the work you've done so far, It may not be there.

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