One unusual job recruitment method targeting people who want SEO to be good news for people who are good at SEO

What is SEOSearch Engine Optimization, That is, Google and Yahoo! Although it refers to a technique that devises this as a way to bring specific pages to the top in the search result of a search engine like, but it is not possible to recruit job seekers who want to target those who are good at such SEOs It is running on.

Details are as below.
Want an SEO job? Check out the Daily Mail's robots.txt file ... >> malcolm coles

This recruiting wantedMailOnlineIt is written in "robots.txt" of. "Robots.txt" is a text file for instructing "Automatic program" crawler "that gathers pages of search engines" Here is collected, OK, this is no good to collect ".

Certainly, ordinary people can not see robots.txt of the site etc, if there is a person checking robots.txt, that person is probably a person who is interested in SEO ... It is an efficient job offer.

This is the actual robots.txt and you can still access it.

The first person does not have anything, but a part commented out comes out along the way as follows.

# August 12th, MailOnline are looking for a talented SEO Manager so if you found this then you are the kind of techie we need!
# Send your CV to holly dot ward at mailonline dot co dot uk

"On August 12, MailOnline is looking for a talented SEO manager, so if you find this you are the type of technician we need!" There is.

It is quite a nice job offering, it is a good idea.

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