A way to deal with by distinguishing "people with seven types of personality who can not be promoted at work"

ByNoel Hidalgo

Start-up companyThe Haul Company Inc.Mr. Caine, who is the CEO at the company,Forbes.comI am writing a column about the leadership as well as the experience as a CEO who takes up the company's rudder. And newly, "7 types of personality who can not be promoted at work"It summarizes the contents, it is contents that you can look back on your personality and deal with the persons with the proper character.

The 7 Types Of People Who Never Succeed At Work - Forbes

◆ 1: People easily fooled

ByStuart Farrell

Mr. Kane says, "Do not believe everything the company says." The car dealer behaves as if you can not discount the car, but it comes with a price discount when you try to return. Do not assume that your company's boss is doing the same and that the salary being presented is the highest. "This year was a terrible year, but next year it is likely to lead to your promotion" is to let expectations with a little wage honor to postpone promotion, Christmas may be a trick to work you Hmm.

◆ 2: Collective thinker

ByJason Eberle

Group thinking is a spiritual problem prevailing in the company. In collective thinking, the technology is not updated, no new idea is born, and even when asking for opinions, it is said that "I can not do it because I have not done such a thing all the time." How to see group collective thinkers is "to make strange remarks at the meeting", "to sit in the same group all the time", "to complain about new things" people. If you fight with them you may be at risk of failure due to harassment, you may get a lot of stress, but if you aim for success, you do not mix with them and you need to be prepared to go through the original idea.

◆ 3: Coward

ByPaolo Margari

A coward is an annoying existence trying to appease the responsibility to others or to tie down if the project fails. In the first job, failure is terrible, but Mr. Kane said that it is important to consult with his boss and colleagues as soon as he feels uneasy. You can work without fear of failure by having the courage to confess without concealing what leads to a big failure and having the observation power you find beforehand. All that is necessary for not being a coward should be done.

◆ 4: A person who does not care


Especially for singles, "Because the family is waiting, you have to go home, you can work overtime today," often it is sacrificed by colleagues of married men who do not care. We need to recognize that everyone has important appointments and plans. People who do not care will not stick a prickly stick and a needle into the human relationship of a lubricating company unknowingly, so it seems that you have to be careful not to be yourself.

◆ 5: People who do not accept defeat


There are some people who complain when they have a good career or a wonderful achievement. There is a possibility that it may be difficult to get hurt, such as "The family is good" to others' success, "I must have slept with my boss" (in the case of a woman) "," I joined the company ", but against them It can be excluded by continuing to produce results.

◆ 6: A malicious talker

ByAnn & Peter Macdonald

Simple talking is harmless, but you need to be careful about those who prefer bad rumor stories that are nothing new. Even merely hammering out unconfirmed information will make himself regarded as a source of slanderous information. Mr. Kane said that he should not agree to an unfounded story.

◆ 7: Person who defends himself

ByJessica mullen

For example, when presenting a website, "Do not worry - this is not a downright website ...", beware of those who start talking from their defense. It is the same as confessing myself that there is actually worry. Mr. Kane urges attention that although he does not necessarily need to avoid this type of person, he should not be a human of this type.

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