Should people infected with the new corona be vaccinated?

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine is intended to produce antibodies in the inoculator's body. On the other hand, in general, infection with a virus also produces antibodies in the body. Therefore, the survey results based on the question 'Is vaccination effective even for people infected with COVID-19 in the past?' Have been released.

Necessity of COVID-19 vaccination in previously infected individuals | medRxiv

Cleveland Clinic Statement on Previous COVID-19 Infection Research – Cleveland Clinic Newsroom

The results of this survey were released by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA. Vaccination with COVID-19 began on December 16, 2020 at the Cleveland Clinic. It is said that some of the vaccinated subjects showed a positive PCR test before vaccination. Therefore, the research team defined 'people who tested positive at least 42 days ago' as 'people who had been infected with COVID-19 in the past' and defined vaccination completion as 'second vaccination.' As a person 14 days after, we observed the effect of the vaccine on past infected people.

A total of 52,238 employees were surveyed. According to the survey, 1359, 53% of the 2579 people who have been infected in the past, have not been vaccinated, while 22,777, 41% of the 49,659 people who have never been infected in the past. Was created on condition that the vaccination was not completed. As a result of comparing each group, the cumulative incidence of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection is 'Vaccine who has never been infected in the past', 'Vaccine who has been infected in the past', and 'Infection in the past'. In all groups of 'experienced non-vaccinated persons', the number was almost zero compared to the 'experienced and unvaccinated' group. In addition, none of the 'non-vaccinated individuals who had been infected in the past' were infected with COVID-19 during the survey period.

It should be noted that the treatise has not yet been peer-reviewed. In addition, the results of this study do not mean that 'people who have been infected in the past do not have to be vaccinated', the research is limited, and even people who have been infected in the past are vaccinated. The research team urges that it should be.

Vaccines, on the other hand, are limited in number and require an 'order' to spread the vaccination throughout the world. By showing the results of this study, the research team said, 'We can prioritize people who have never been infected over people who have been infected in the past.'

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