Pfizer's new corona vaccine is 94% effective, according to a study of 1.2 million people

On February 24, 2021, a study was announced that the vaccine for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) developed by Pfizer was effective in reducing the incidence by 94%. This research is

conducted by the Clarit Institute in Israel and has been published in the medical journal ' New England Journal of Medicine'.

BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Mass Vaccination Setting | NEJM

Great News! Pfizer Vaccine 94% Effective in Huge Real-World Study of 1.2 M People

The Clarit Institute surveyed approximately 1.5 million people vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine within six weeks from December 20, 2020 at Israel's largest comprehensive medical institution, Clarit Health Service. Among them, about 1.2 million people who were accurate as research subjects were compared with non-vaccinated persons with similar age, gender, geographical profile, etc., and the effectiveness of the vaccine was observed.

As a result, it was confirmed that those who received the vaccine twice had a 94% reduction in the incidence of COVID-19 after the 7th day after the second vaccination. It has also been confirmed that even with the first dose, the incidence decreased by 57% 2-3 weeks after inoculation.

The vaccine used in the study Pfizer and biotechnology companies '

BioNTech ' was jointly developed ' BNT162b2 in', outside of the Independent Committee of the report is the line that this vaccine is 'there is a protective effect of greater than 90%' from being developed It was being damaged.

Pfizer announces that 'new corona vaccine with more than 90% preventive effect' has been developed --GIGAZINE

In response to the Clarit Institute's research results, an outside expert said, 'The research results cannot be confirmed because the participants were not systematically tested but only when needed.' I will. Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at the University of Florida, added, 'I'm confident that the Pfizer vaccine has a powerful effect,' but 'unless you constantly test everyone, you'll get some infections. You will miss it. '

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