It is decided to end the large-scale renovation project of the game 'Anthem' which became a hot topic as 'covered with bugs'

The game-specialized site Polygon has launched reviews such as 'boring continuous use', 'up to 4 loading screens can be sandwiched by just changing equipment', and 'conversation part is redundant', and infinite reconnection bugs and infinite load bugs are identified. It has been decided to end a large-scale refurbishment project for the Electronic Arts (EA) game Anthem, which has found a stack bug in the terrain, a voice loss bug, and even a non-progressable bug and recorded a metascore of 59 points.

Anthem Update – BioWare Blog

BioWare and EA cancel Anthem'Next' redesign --Polygon

BioWare confirms work on major Anthem overhaul has officially ceased •

Anthem is an online multiplayer action RPG created by BioWare Studios under Electronic Arts (EA), equipped with a customizable powered suit called 'Javelin', and is a TPS that shoots at enemies while freely flying around in the air.

Anthem | Official Gameplay Video --EAA --YouTube

The live-action trailer produced by director Neil Blomkamp, who is known for 'District 9 ', also attracted a lot of attention, and Anthem received a lot of attention. The live-action trailer 'Conviction' directed by Blomkamp is below.

Conviction – An Anthem Trailer From Neill Blomkamp --YouTube

However, Anthem that was actually released was found to have many bugs such as non-progressable bugs, and the game part was also criticized in the first place. In addition, whistleblowers have also appeared that depression and anxiety are widespread within the development team due to various problems caused by the EA game engine ' Frostbite' and repeated changes in the specifications of the core part. Criticism flooded EA and BioWare studios.

On February 10, 2020, just one year before its release, BioWare Studio, which received numerous criticisms, announced a large-scale renovation project 'Anthem NEXT' to recreate Anthem from the ground up. Based on the feedback from the players, we promised to make Anthem as good as possible by making complete improvements such as expanding the content, diversifying the build construction system, and introducing a growth system with rewards.

Anthem Update – BioWare Blog

However, on February 25, 2021, BioWare officially announced the 'end' of this major refurbishment project. I abandoned Anthem's refurbishment work.

According to the announcement, one of the causes of the termination of the large-scale renovation project is the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). It is explained that the switch to working from home due to the spread of COVID-19 affected productivity.

Christian Dailey, who was in charge of the team director, commented that he will concentrate on updating 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' and developing the next works of 'Dragon Age' and 'Mass Effect'. As for Anthem, it plans to continue to provide the service as it is.

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