It turns out that a Chinese drone cleared the Pentagon investigation and was recommended for use by government agencies

The U.S. government is increasingly concerned about China's cyberattacks, and at the end of October 2019, it has taken steps such as

suspending the use of more than 800 Chinese-made drones owned by the U.S. Interior Ministry. Meanwhile, it turned out that the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) , which investigated drones made by DJI , the largest Chinese company of drones, had created a report reporting that 'there were no security problems with the drone.' Did.

Pentagon report clears use of drones made by top Chinese manufacturer | The Hill

Pentagon audit cleared two DJI drones.

The government's been worried about DJI drones — the Pentagon now says they're safe --The Verge

As trade tensions between China and the United States intensify, the US Department of Commerce has added various Chinese companies to its regulated list. DJI was also added to the US Department of Commerce's embargo list in December 2020 for 'making widespread human rights abuses possible by providing gene collection and high-tech surveillance technologies.'

The US Department of Commerce adds DJI, the world's largest drone company, to the embargo list because of 'technical burden of human rights violations' --GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, the American political newspaper The Hill reported on June 1, 2021 local time that it had obtained an internal report prepared by the Pentagon on May 6. This report is said to describe the results of a survey on the drones 'Mavic Pro ' and ' Matrice 600 Pro' manufactured by DJI.

According to The Hill, the report states that 'DJI drones do not have malicious code,' and concludes that 'use by U.S. government agencies and the military is recommended.' That is. The report's author , Adam Prater, who belongs to the US Army Special Operations Command , did not respond to The Hill's request for comment.

In the past various surveys about the security of the DJI-made drone from have been done, the United States Department of Homeland Security has made in 2019 (PDF file) investigation of and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton in June 2020 No security issues have been found with DJI drones in the survey published in.

Although this report examines only two models of DJI drones, it supports previous findings and may support DJI's efforts to resume US government drone use. 'This US government report has been said by us and other independent security verification agencies for years,'DJI drones are a government and corporate operation,' said Adam Lisberg, a DJI spokeswoman. It's the strongest proof that it's safe in the hill, 'he told The Hill.

Even if the Pentagon report recommends the use of DJI drones, US companies will not be able to sell the technology to DJI because DJI is still on the US Department of Commerce's embargo list. Also, if the US Innovation and Competition Act , submitted to the United States Senate in May 2021, is passed, the U.S. government will not be able to purchase DJI drones for five years from 2023. ... apparently ...

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