The American drone user registration system is judged to be "invalid"

ByAlexandre F. Jorge

For individuals who own drone in the USAA system that obliges users to register is introduced in 2015Although it was done, the judgment that the system was invalid was made according to the appeal of the user in the trial where the general user appealed this as invalid, and the registration system was invalidated.

Americans no longer have to register non-commercial drones with the FAA - Recode

The appeal was raised by a person named John Taylor who lives in Maine. Mr. Taylor is a model aircraft enthusiast. In December 2015, the registration system introduced by the FAA (American Federal Aviation Administration) complained that it was invalid as violating previously established laws. With this invalidity decision, it is no longer necessary to register personal information in the government for users who donate drones in the non-commercial domestic market.

The reason for invalidation was the provision contained in "FAA Modernization and Reform Act" that was established in 2012, here FAA is the provision of all kinds of model airplane operation It was forbidden to pass the system. Then, it is said that the invalidity of the system was approved as the registration system FAA introduced in 2015 contradicts this law.

In accordance with this judgment, in the case of obtaining a drone in the USA and skipping a drone for non-commercial purpose, the user is no longer required to register. On the other hand, if you skip the drones for commercial purposes, you will need to register as a user.


It is a judgment that seems to be a pleasing thing because the regulation is relaxed for the user, but the drone industry is showing a calm response. Mr. Brendan Schulman, head of planning department of DJI, Drone's mainstay maker, told Record's interview "The FAA registration system is very reasonable, and accountability (accountability) and education are important to the drone pilot I am expecting that the drone industry and the legislative bodies will work on resolving the legal problems that impede this system "and responded and said that they would expect the same registration system to continue It is.

While it is possible for FAA to object to this decision, it is also predicted that the US Congress will modify the law, which was enacted in 2012, to extend the target to model aircraft. This time, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which was regarded as invalid, will expire in September 2017 and will expire, and Senator John Soon, who is chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transport Commission of the Senate He said he is showing a posture to submit a bill on FAA's modernization in the coming weeks.

The registration system is intended to "prevent unauthorized flying of drones" and, in turn, to prevent drone from being used as a tool of act of terrorism. In the future, even if the figure of the pilot is not visible close to you, legal development will be promoted to recognize who the owner of the drone in flight is from a remote place. If you get back to the other side, it seems that it can be said that measures can be taken on recognizing that drone is useful so much. In any case, it may be the era that the drone also carries some recognition tags as cars all have a license plate.

The judgment indicated by this time court can be read from the following link.


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