The rule "OK to shoot down the drone trying to invade the base of the military" is started in the United States


Drone with high flight performance can be easily manipulated by anyone, hence it is possible to use the drone which was not thought conventionally,IS (Islamic State) to use for bomb droppingIt is also evolving into a situation where it is used as a new attack means. In response to such movements, rules have been introduced that states that in the United States it should be said at last, attack drone and others approaching the base facilities and shoot down.

New policy: Military bases can shoot down trespassing drones

The US Department of Defense, commonly known as "PentagonAnnounced on 7th August 2017 that it has validated a new regulation that makes it possible to shoot down civilian and commercial drones that are considered to pose a threat by approaching military bases.

The content of the rule is considered confidential and we can not confirm the contents, but it has already been sent to each base during July. Among them, rules of engagement for how to deal with approaching drone etc. are stipulated.

Department of Defense Jeff Davis spokesman said the new regulation states that each base facility has the right to take self-defensive action against unmanned aerial vehicles and drone operating at the sky, "and said," The new policy stops those threats It makes it possible to invalidate, destroy, and track equipment, "he said.

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On the other hand, it is said that there is an unclear part about how far it is "the airspace" defined by this rule. What lies behind it is that some military facilities operate by renting land from the owner. For example, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM)Minute Man IIIThe Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota Province, where 150 units are deployed, borrows land owned by local companies and general farmers. On the farm adjacent to the base, people have been looking around or checking the status of livestock and agricultural crops so far, but now they are using drone, if they are disguised as drone in these drones There is a problem of how to respond when malicious drone is used. Furthermore, over the missile launch facility, it is not specified as a flight restricted airspace in the situation as of the fall of 2016.

The Department of Defense has consulted with the US Air Force Authority (FAA) regarding the operation of this regulation, and as to what kind of correspondence the respective base will take, "It is judged according to each situation" It is that.

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